PWO – Season 5 – Episode 7

over the line

Who did the PWO commissioner suspend for going over the line?

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The main event is Matt Cross against Jason Bane for the PWO Title. Bobby Shields takes on Ben Fruith along with Brodie Lee taking on Corey Winters which is up first. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring with Lee. Winters was in the ring to start the match with Lee still on the outside. Winters gave him a high knee lift then a plancha. Lee dropped Winters on top of the guard rail. Lee bounced Winters’ head off a chair which was on the announce table. Lee rolled Winters back into the ring. A knife edge chop put Winters down. A pump handle suplex by Lee led to more show boating. Lee battered Winters in the corner. Lee with a splash in the opposite corner. Winters got in a jaw breaker and a victory roll after more show boating. Lee missed another corner splash. Winters nailed a missile drop kick. Head scissors take over then an enziguri led to another two count. Lee caught Winters with a big boot. Lee finished Winters with a power bomb. Lee grabbed the pipe and nailed Winters. LaBar came out and stop Lee to stop it “or else.” LaBar suspended Lee. Brodie went for another power bomb when LaBar threatens to suspend Fontaine. Maguire helped to talk sense into Lee to leave.

Analysis: A commissioner that did the logical thing. Yay! Guys are getting suspended in sports for going over the line, it only makes sense. The match played out how it should have. They gave Winters enough offense to not look bad but Lee dominated as he should have. Score: +1.

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Rumor Mill Swirl: WWE planning Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal for WrestleMania 28 in Miami


Shaq, doing what he does best: shooting free throws.

According to the Camel Clutch Blog (check there for any original sources), WWE is planning for a Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal match at WrestleMania 28, to be held April 1, 2012, in Miami, Fla. A few points of note:

1) The seeds for this were planted in July 2009 on the episode of Monday Night Raw hosted by Shaq himself (click for historical context); the two had a face-to-face confrontation, but it was never followed up on, presumably because Shaq was still active in basketball and he’s not a bonehead like Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, wrestling when they had an NBA championship to win…

2) Shaq is basically a god in Florida, so there’s no way he’d get booed in his home state, meaning Big Show would almost certainly need to turn heel, something I’m not too excited about. The angry giant thing is just trite at this point. I’d better get used to it, though.

3) WWE loves pitting Big Show against athletes and celebrities of varying levels of recognition, including sumo champion Akebono (WrestleMania 21) and Floyd Mayweather (WrestleMania 24). Show is also 0-2 against the celebs.

4) Daniel Bryan just fell one more spot down the WrestleMania ladder. -Eric

The 12 Days of Jesus H. Christmas: Day 10 – Ronnie from MTV “Jersey Shore” coming to TNA

Ronnie Jersey Shore

Douche chills...

(For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, Stunt Granny will relive with you the 12 most head-slapping, dipshitty stories of 2011, the things that made us wonder why we still watch professional wrestling and support some of these dingbats. TNA supports more dingbats per capita than any other wrestling company, so it should really come as no surprise that they planned to throw money at Ronnie from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in 2011. Eric’s note: Maybe I’m just jealous because my band has had music on every other MTV show except that one.)

(Originally posted Oct. 20, 2011) According to (if you can see it under the huge headline “ROODE AWAKENING?” which should have been followed by 😮  Ronnie from MTV’s hit TV show “Jersey Shore” is coming to TNA. For those of you who, unlike me, don’t watch the show, Ronnie is what they call a “douchebag” because he breaks up with his skeezy girlfriend on a monthly basis, and a “gorilla” because he’s all tanned and spiked like the rest of these guidos but he also lifts heavy in the gym and has an unnatural body size for someone who lives in New Jersey, which means you should be skinny from dodging from stray bullets.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro gets in the ring with TNA’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV! Star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” makes his wrestling debut on Thursday, November 3.

Yes, you read that right, his “wrestling debut.” Wow. OK, rather than outright make fun of this decision by TNA, let me take a different approach and list the top six reasons why Ronnie from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is coming to TNA Impact Wrestling:

6) TNA thinks it’s leveraging Viacom’s connection between shitty Spike TV and a highly rated show on MTV, because obviously the Robbie E and Cookie gimmicks worked so well for them earlier this year.

5) Scott Steiner heard about “Ronnie Juice” and, instead of understanding that’s a name for Ronnie’s shitty mixed drink, assumed this guy would bring him steroids.

4) Dixie Carter wants to have extra-marital sex with someone with a New England accent other than Vince Russo.

3) Eric Young is tired of looking like the biggest dipshit on the roster.

2) Hulk Hogan is tired of being the most orange person on the roster.

And the No. 1 reason Ronnie from “Jersey Shore” is coming to TNA:

1) It’s god damn christ-punching TNA, and any chance they get to throw an appearance fee at a celebrity (and last I checked, Ronnie was commanding between $12,000 and $20,000 an appearance), they do. Because they’re idiots.

It’s like fucking Groundhog Day around here. Join us again in four hours when TNA makes its next stupid-ass business decision. -Eric

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Gabe Sapolsky man-ragging about CM Punk, Daniel Bryan makes me think, “Who gives a f***?”

gabe sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky: Portrait of a Man... who learned as much from Paul Heyman as he did from Tommy Dreamer and people who don't shower.

According to, DGUSA (yep, it’s still around) booker Gabe Sapolsky wrote a blog at the Heyman Hustle Web site, the topic being CM Punk and Daniel Bryan winning the only two titles in professional wrestling that count, and moral being that he was the genius who booked them first.

I had the privilege and good fortune to book both Punk and Bryan as Ring Of Honor World Champions. When both stood atop WWE Universe last night the only thought that came to mind was “F— YOU!!!!”

God, he’s so counter culture! AGE-OF-THEFALL! AGE-OF-THEFALL!

I believe in them because they have those special intangibles that separate the greats from the wannabes and the elite from the greats.

No note from Sapolsky as to who in Dragon Gate USA or EVOLVE these days has those special intangibles. And what apparently goes without saying is that there are wannabes (Brodie Lee, Chuck Taylor), there are greats (CIMA… yeah, CIMA), and there are the elite (guys who have moved onto WWE to win major championships and earn good money). Read between the lines, people. -Eric

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