Stunt Granny Audio #170

Have you ever had a threesome? I bet Diddy and Chris Jericho have! And now you can, too: Dusty, Kevin and Eric recap WWE Monday Night Raw with a heavy focus on Chris Jericho. Was his segment great? Was it overbearing? Is Jericho himself overbearing? And whaaaat about that jacket?! Pee-yew! Also find out what the boys thought about John Cena vs. Kane, the miscast CM Punk vs. the miscast Dolph Ziggler, the re-pushed Wade Barrett vs. the god-damn fool Santino Marella, and more! Except the divas! Click! Listen!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #170

Headlines: Jericho secret not secret enough, Bryan may “headline” MSG, New Japan is still around?

chris jericho airport

(Courtesy How did he fit his jacket in that little bag?? 😮

According to (don’t be stupid, go VIP!), the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE considered going to even greater, more expensive measures to keep the return of Chris Jericho, a total non-secret, a secret.

Since he would likely be anticipated to be arriving at the Memphis airport on Monday, WWE had him fly in a day early and land in Nashville, instead. They could have flown him in via private jet, but opted to roll the dice that a day early in another town would be enough. It wasn’t. A fan snapped a picture of him.

And that picture quickly became a one-day Internet meme, giving Chris “Don’t Call Me Matt Hardy” Jericho even more self-jerkoff fodder.

Wank wank.

Also according to, Daniel Bryan is scheduled to defend the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE’s March 18 Madison Square Garden house show. It’s every wrestler’s dream to win or defend a WWE title at MSG, so keep this in mind: Psycho Sid did it, too. And he could at least control his dorky smile and laughter, unlike Daniel “Don’t Call Me Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz” Bryan.

L to R: Laughing Asshole, four other people, Laughing Asshole

Finally, according to, New Japan Pro Wrestling held its annual January 4 show at the Tokyo Dome. The card featured several well-known U.S. wrestlers, including MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Davey Richards. Unlike the glory days of the early to mid-1990s, not appearing were any wrestlers who have drawn money in WWE or, for that matter, TNA in the past 12 months. Ouch, sick burn. -Eric

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