Stunt Granny Audio #171

That's funking right.

Jeremy & Kevin are back together and they got funky. But before they talk about the man from the Planet of Funk, they have a nice long discussion about Jeremy’s article on TNA pay per views. What was Kevin’s opinion of the article? Did Jeremy point out their flaws without mentioning similar problems in the WWE? Did Kevin promise to start doing another review column for Impact Wrestling? Who from TNA’s Knockout’s Division recognized a tweet from him? The guys move on to talk about the booking of  TNA in general rather. Should AJ Styles still be feuding with Robert Roode? Would it help both of them out in the long run? Would it benefit Jeff Hardy too? Jeremy & Kevin finally move on to talk about the Funkasaurus. What did the character do to make Kevin think there is a trend in the WWE? They wrap up the show by talking on a shortened level about the Hall of Fame inductees, Edge and The Four Horseman? How important was Edge? What version of the Horseman do the guys think should have been inducted? Click on the link below to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #171

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