Hulk Hogan runs his mouth about Ultimate Warrior, finds a metal tack in there

According to, Hulk Hogan is having serious dental issues after a dentist left a metal tack in his mouth. Hogan recently underwent surgery to implant a donor bone into his jaw to hold a dental implant in place (did Hogan learn nothing from Superstar Billy Graham’s hip replacement videos about steroids making you as brittle as a sucked-on candy cane?), and later CAT scans revealed a metal tack left behind by a dentist. We know this happens a lot, but it’s still gross. Hogan went to the doctor and loaded up on antibiotics to “clean up the mess,” according to

Perhaps this is what happens when you talk shit on the Ultimate Warrior! You get infections…! Eh, horrible transition. Anyway, the Hulkster took to Twitter for a mini-rant on the Kevin Nash-Ultimate Warrior feud:

Kevin would destroy him ,the wattiors already got a million excuses,if youtouch me or I need to train for a year now u can see tight through the ass clown and most people now get way he was a pain in the ass,couldn’t do business, and he sucked in The ring that about says it all,he irrelevant and totally out of gas except for the few remaining warrior twitter marks,good luck with ur Great life Jim,I have said my last comment about this looser and his great life he’s living.gag me with a spoon. HH

My favorite parts of this: Hogan claims we can see “tight through the ass” and he still uses phrases from the 1980s. “A match with Kevin and Jim? Where’s the beef? Kev will beat on Jim until he screams ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ Come on, Jim, just say no.” -Eric

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