Stunt Granny Audio Show #172

The show gets off to a rousing start when Kevin stumbles onto pictures of Rosa Mendes. Him and Jeremy talk about the tag team titles changing hands at a house show, the quality of tag team wrestling in general and of course Evan Bourne. How dumb can one man be? Who thinks he should take a stand? Will he ever earn back the WWE’s trust? Jeremy & Kevin move on to talking about Daniel Bryan. Is the heel turn working? Is AJ a good addition to his act? Another experiment talent for the WWE is Dolph Ziggler. Who could be his opponent at Wrestlemania? Are the guys getting ahead of themselves? They continue talking Raw by discussing the dynamics of CM Punk’s feud with John Laurinitis. Is John as Wooden as Kevin claims? Did Punk do something this week that he hasn’t done in a while? Does it help Punk when he acts like an arrogant ass that no one should root for? Jeremy & Kevinwind down the show with Kurt Angle’s preposterous claim. Will he really be at the Royal Rumble? Is there a good reason to bring him in? Just how bad are the movies he’s been in? Find out that and more by clicking on the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #172

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