2012 Royal Rumble Random Draw Kick-Ass Pick ‘Em (Kinda) Game

We dont worry too much about copyrights around here.

Bring back the tumbler! #IWantWrestling

Remember the time when we first met, and when we did that amazing game where you all signed up, then I picked numbers from 1 to 30 out of an Iowa Barnstormers fitted cap, and whoever had the number of the man who won the Royal Rumble match got bragging rights and a kick in the head just to see if it was better than a kick in the head? Well, Stunt Granny wants to share that fun with you again! For this game (which is totally not affiliated with WWE), all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested in playing. DEADLINE IS 1:15 P.M. CENTRAL, SUNDAY, JAN. 29. (THIS IS A NEW DEADLINE! YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES FROM THE TIME OF THIS UPDATE! I’M LEAVING FOR A FRIEND’S HOUSE FOR THE PPV!)

At that time, Eric will randomly draw numbers from 1 to 30 in the order you signed up (don’t worry, the four of us won’t play, but Dan may, for “old time’s sake,” see, because he’s our nostalgia guy). Once Eric gets to the end of the list, he’ll start from the top again, making it first-come, first-served. So if 10 people sign up, everyone gets three numbers. If 29 people sign up, everyone gets one number, but the first person to sign up gets an extra number.

Last year’s winner, Travis Bryant, had the unfortunate luck to co-host a Stunt Granny Audio with Eric… 12 months after his win. Who knows what the 2012 prize will be! So sign up today, then order the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble (we’re totally not affiliated with WWE), and take a spot on the edge of your seat!

38 Responses

  1. Dibs!

    If I get Santino’s number I will be greatly disappointed.

    Ill have trouble ordering the 2011 Royal Rumble, *cough* but I want in regardless.

  2. about to go back to back on that ass!

  3. Travis gonna be a two ti- two ti- two time champ.

    I will also be disappointed if I get Hunico, Heath Slater or Jinder Mahal.

    I wouldn’t however, be disappointed if I got the Funkasaurus and rode the funk train all the way to Wrestlemania.

  4. I’m in and hope I don’t get number 31.

  5. I’m in!

  6. I’m in

  7. When I win I’d like to be able to talk about something NOT TNA.

  8. I want to play

  9. I want lots of numbers.

    Fact: I as a previous winner am entitled to numbers 1, 27, and 30.

    Fact: If I don’t like who I get then I have the right to give that number to someone else.

    Fact: If someone else gets Chris Jericho they have to say “Oh good for Jeff Brown he got Chris Jericho”

    Fact: If any of my guys are in the ring when HHH’s music hits those are no longer my guys and I get new numbers.

  10. The Miz is number 1…you sure about that?

  11. Frythedeliveryguy can have number 1 this year.

  12. I’m in!

  13. If I get number 1 with my ‘extra pick’, I’ll whole heartily let someone have it.

  14. I’m in.

  15. I’m in. Da Infamous DiZ is in.

  16. In. Just like my belly button.

  17. Can we get three more?!

  18. In if I am eligible.

  19. There’s all sorts of time left to sign up for the game, but as of right now, the order of entrants is:

    1) Fry the Delivery Guy
    2) Travis Bryant
    3) Mauer
    4) Mr. Ashley Morris
    5) Cali
    6) Fanatic
    7) Todd Shuttleworth
    8) Jeff Brown
    9) MissieBird
    10) PWO’s own Aaron Maguire
    11) celamb2007
    12) Steve Miles Per Hour
    13) Dan the Man Zourah

    Keep ’em comin’, people! -E

  20. Is this the same Jeff Brown that was dropping pipe bombs on Simon Dean on Wednesday?

  21. Please count me in.

  22. Sure, I’ll come out off my hiatus for this. Count me in!

  23. Alright, as of 12:34 p.m. central time Sunday, we’ve got:

    1) Fry the Delivery Guy
    2) Travis Bryant
    3) Mauer
    4) Mr. Ashley Morris
    5) Cali
    6) Fanatic
    7) Todd Shuttleworth
    8) Jeff Brown
    9) MissieBird
    10) PWO’s own Aaron Maguire
    11) celamb2007
    12) Steve Miles Per Hour
    13) Dan the Man Zourah
    14) Warhol Superstar
    15) Shahid Abdul-Hadi
    16) Kirk Angel

    Our biggest turnout yet, and still about 90 minutes to go! -E

  24. OK, people! Due to the earlier cut-off (I gotta get to my buddy’s place to watch the PPV at some point!), here are the official numbers, a little early:

    1) Fry the Delivery Guy: 18, 9
    2) Travis Bryant: 5, 16
    3) Mauer: 30, 21
    4) Mr. Ashley Morris: 10, 8
    5) Cali: 28, 29
    6) Fanatic: 14, 7
    7) Todd Shuttleworth: 25, 6
    8) Jeff Brown: 3, 19
    9) MissieBird: 22, 27
    10) PWO’s own Aaron Maguire; 17, 11
    11) celamb2007: 20, 13
    12) Steve Miles Per Hour: 15, 24
    13) Dan the Man Zourah: 12, 1
    14) Warhol Superstar: 2, 23
    15) Shahid Abdul-Hadi: 26
    16) Kirk Angel: 4

    Good luck!! -E

  25. Go Warhol! #BlatantFavoritism

  26. 9 and 18…already feels unlucky.

  27. The Miz is going to be the best entrant I have ever had in one of these contests. This is the first non Wrestlemania PPV I have actually purchased in I don’t know how many years.

  28. Santino? SANTINO? Jeez..

  29. Oh snap, Ziggler makes up for it!

  30. Thank GOD I didn’t get Cole.

  31. Got shit on with Otunga but the FELLA did it for me!

  32. MissieBird better be a dude. I like my women barefoot and in the kitchen, not yammering in my earbuds a year from now.

  33. “If I get Santino’s number I will be greatly disappointed”

    LOL – famous last words

  34. ha!…conspiracies.

  35. Yeah really. Did Eric pick these numbers out of an Iowa sports team hat or a tinfoil hat??

  36. Let’s just say we have to make Iowa Barnstormers hats an extra size bigger and with chin straps. Congrats, MissieBird! Prize to be determined in the near future. -E

  37. I am not the Jeff Brown that’s called the Livecast. I post as jdb1982 on the torch board.

    That dude is soiling my name.

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