Kevin’s Blog: Super Late Review of #ROH & #iMPACTWrestling . #Smackdown can f*** itself.

Yeah, I'm super late.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I finally have some free time to watch wrestling. I’m not going to be consistent with this project because my dogs will almost surely wake up before I get done reviewing ROH. This time is normally reserved to review Pro Wrestling Ohio but they had a rerun last week so check out my review from earlier this week. I’m not going to go into the detail I do with their reviews for ROH even though I know a limited number of people can actually view this program. By the way, be sure to put the head phones on and listen to Dusty & Matt about iMPACT Wrestling. I’m bumping their post so scroll down.

Prince Nana is garbage. Evidently he’s a corporation so they brought in a lawyer character. He dresses like a complete dope but it’s kind of funny. He likes the 80’s look a bit too much. Tommaso Ciampa of the Embassy takes on TJ Perkins. TJ gets control early. Nana grabs Perkins leg so that Ciampa can take over. Both of these guys are undefeated in some capacity which waters down the concept. I’d love to know why Ciampa does the shark fin celebration. Perkins misses grabbing Ciampa’s leg so they need to redo the spot for a Dragon Whip Leg take down. Perkins goes for a lax cover after a sky high. Ciampa wins with a power bomb turned Back Stabber. Slick looking move.

Some guy with a huge beard tells about his long history of problems since he was born. Looks like he dresses like a lumber jack in the ring. His name is Grizzly Redwood. Fucking seriously? How dumb. Devon Storm is his opponent. Truth Martini, Mike Elgin & Roderick Strong interrupt the debut. Truth pays off Storm so that Michael Elgin can take on Grizzly. Kevin Kelly acts indignant to Martini when he joins the booth. Kelly rooting for “Grizz” is too much. He could be worse than Mike Tenay. That pains me to type.  Kelly just said “keep chopping wood Grizz.” Why am I doing this review again? Elgin wins with a spinning sit down powerbomb. Weird to have a debuting character squashed.

They review Kevin Steen vs Steve Corino. I love that wrestling a fat guy who’s been out of wrestling can earn your job back. Steen cuts a promo about the ROH show missing unpredictability but the show will have it now. Steen is going to take the ROH Title so that he can call the shots. You don’t own the company you nitwit. Jim Cornette says that he doesn’t want wrestlers injured. He threatens Steen with a statement next week.

They review the problems between Eddie Edwards and Kyle O’Reilly. I’ve been watching this show for a month or so now. I’m not sure how Cornette is a brilliant booker. These promos are terrible. No one seems committed. Mike Bennett will take on Jay Lethal next week. Oh, I forgot Maria was on ROH. She helped turn an OK promo to being bad. Her fawning over Bennett was unconvincing at best. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas aren’t getting their title rematch. They are fighting some champs. Let it be noted that O’Reilly, Edwards, Davey Richards, Mike Bennett & The World’s Greatest Tag Team all had promos in the matter of five minutes. Cornette is brilliant, right? Why is he following the TNA playbook then?

Remember her?

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TNA Audio #4 – Smell The Greatness

Very good. Now find it on a map, chubs.

Dusty and Matt continue their journey to the center of TNA’s mind with this edition of Stunt Granny TNA Audio, this time focusing on the February 2 edition of Impact. Inside they explore:

-Why did Matt get hella free ice cream today? Hint: it had nothing to do with built up good karma over transcribing Hulk Hogan’s entire rambling five minute promo, although maybe it should have.

-Why did Mark Haskins almost die on national television? Hint: it had nothing to do with him being a good professional wrestler or Ref Hardy being an adequate referee.

-Why did Mike Tenay blow the entire Hulk Hogan as Garrett Bischoff’s trainer angle? Hint: it had nothing to do with Tenay having even a basic level of intelligence that would allow him to exist in this world.

-Just how hot *was* Christy Hemme this week? Hint: very.

There’s also this little matter:

And a whole lot more, and it’s only worth an hour of your time, so download this bad boy this very minute or there will be severe repercussions, jack!

Stunt Granny TNA Audio Show #4

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