Stunt Granny Audio Show #175

Jeremy and Kevin are back for another Raw recap. Except they take an unexpected tour of Smackdown at the beginning of a show. Did the guys infuriate Eric even more by enjoying more of Daniel Bryan’s antics? Could AJ be the evil woman masterminding behind Bryan’s turn? Is the WWE Mole back and listening to Stunt Granny’s audios? They move on to HHH and Undertaker. Did HHH’s respect lead to more veiled shots than compliments? Did it make sense for the Undertaker to have a video package? Speaking of video packages, how many of them were there on Raw? David Otunga didn’t get one but why did he get mic time? Should he get his own line of coffee mugs? What fantasy does Jeremy have about it’s use? Of course the guys get around to talking about Chris Jericho and the silent CM Punk. Who’s wardrobe should be changed? How obvious is it that these two will be fighting at Wrestlemania? The guys end by talking about Gisele and her take on the Patriots. It’s funny enough to keep you laughing as soon as you click the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #175

Perry Saturn to wrestle in Des Moines, Iowa, says guy in South Carolina


I’m glad Jeremy brought this to my attention, because it resurrected an old post that I never published:

For the first time in a quarter-century, the NWA Championship will be defended in Des Moines, Iowa, as 3XWrestling brings “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce back to town to defend his belt against “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt at Baratta’s Forte Ballroom. Tickets are $15 at the door, and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. I would have posted this news earlier, but even though I’m one of the biggest wrestling fans in this town, I didn’t even know about the show until right this instant. Bring the kids! -Eric

That was, like, three weeks ago. This time, it took Jeremy, who lives in Greenville, S.C., to alert me to (according to Perry Saturn wrestling in my hometown. Saturn lives within about 150 miles of here – I’m thinking Mason City, Ia., or Albert Lea, Minn., but don’t care enough to Google it – and has wrestled in Iowa within the past eight years – whenever he wasn’t missing, homeless, dead or playing the third Ultimate Warrior. I’m not shocked to see him – and I’m excited as hell that his opponent is my boy Gage Octane – but I will be shocked when I see the 3XW TV commercial running on the lower-rung digital cable channel at 3 a.m. while I’m trying to enjoy “House Hunters” reruns. -Eric

Breaking WWE NEWZ: John Laurinaitis still has a job

So if you are a complete idiot this is a surprise. confirmed the WWE Board of Directors has decided John Laurinaitis should remain as the interim General Manager. If the storyline holes needed to grow larger well, this is helping. So what power does the COO have in a company like WWE? How could they remove Vince McMahon and then Triple H but let, you know who fucking cares.

WWE loves running with ideas and concepts that are old. By old I mean played out and uninspired. So the fact that they will continue with the evil GM gimmick for the foreseeable future is not surprising. What would have been surprising is if this did end and Triple H would remove himself from television again, let Undertaker grow his natural stringy hair out and have their rematch at WrestleMania 29. See, we plan on attending WrestleMania 29 so another twenty minute snoozefest between those two would be appreciated for a bathroom break.

So brace yourself for at least twenty minutes of screen time per episode of RAW featuring Smiling Johnny Wooden (TM Kevin Difrango)   -Jeremy

On a side note spell check offered Urinalysis as a correction for Laurinaitis. Go figure.

Stunt Granny Lunch Conversation: Jeremy & Kevin February 7, 2012

Kevin: What up ugly?

Jeremy: Not much other than I am still annoyed with Raw.

Kevin: Don’t like advancing story lines, huh?

Jeremy: What advancing? Jericho/Punk, Triple H/Undertaker and then endless recaps? They replayed videos from two weeks ago and then replayed Undertakers video twice. Orton/Khali was advanced too fast and made Khali look weak when a second before he looked like a badass for the first time, um, at least ever.

Kevin: So the same head chop that he’s been using for years went from terrible for every year before now to impressive?

Jeremy: Yeah dancing Khali was so intimidating. Kiss cam Khali was so scary.  Jinder Mahal’s bitch was scary? No, he stood up to Orton, legit main-eventer and back him down. It should have ended there with Orton looking pissed. Then at Elimination Chamber, Orton gives him the RKO and it is a surprise. Imagine Punk coming out and immediately fighting Jericho? They avoided that and even did during the main event. It’s an old wrestling adage; don’t give it away for free..

Jeremy: Am I putting too much thought in to the Great Khali?

Kevin: I’m laughing like an idiot up here.

Jeremy: So that is a yes, sigh.

Kevin: Sure, they could have had Khali take down Orton.

Jeremy: No not even take him down. Just have Khali stand up and then walk out like he punked Orton out.

Kevin: I just thought they wanted to illustrate the “everyman for himself” theory of Elimination Chamber.

Jeremy: I mean if you are going to insert him in Elimination Chamber then have him at least seem like a threat. I think that was displayed by Khali tagging himself in and Orton being pissed.

Kevin: It’s always a little weird to me that you do that with baby faces. To me, the heels should be fighting each other more often.

Jeremy: Agree on that. At least be distrustful of each other unless they are a legit team.

Kevin: To agree with you on part. The WWE just lets Khali be impressive simply because of his size. It goes back to them not having enough depth to write more coherent stories that you mentioned last week.

Jeremy: Yeah, they have to use Khali since they brought him back and Mark Henry is hurt, sorry, suspended. If you are going to bring him in use him effectively, they should have done a better job. The man is impressive to look at.

Kevin: He doesn’t speak English so they have no idea what to do with him.

Jeremy: Gibberish spouting madman!

Kevin: You know, it’d be a real shame to give him a manager.

Jeremy: Well his brother sold him out or something right? Runjin forever!

Jeremy: Also, if they had done this show after Elimination Chamber I would be on the storyline bandwagon. They would have a lot of time to build things. But they need to get across the other Elimination Chamber participants like Kofi, Miz, Truth and Dolph. Not Hunter/Undertaker which can start after Elimination Chamber.

Kevin: That is true but it’s not their formula. All the stories start now and they somewhat tie into Elimination Chamber, which is way too early.

Jeremy: Yeah good call.

Kevin: I think that’s why they rushed the Khali/Orton thing. It’s in 2 weeks. Even pushing back to the 26th would have done them favors. Instead, they’re trying to create beefs for everyone in the Elimination Chamber while doing the usual WM prep.

Jeremy: See they don’t necessarily need to create beefs, just some animosity and threats. Khali would have been a threat to Orton with no physicality.

Kevin: That is very true. I was more just amused at your level of animosity one week after saying you might be getting old, you’re a 10 on pissed level.

Jeremy: I have been thinking that since we started this conversation

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