Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of #Smackdown

Second review of the night.

Let’s keep rolling after a small break to watch Minnesota at Denver on the NBC Sports Network. Yep, I even watch college hockey.

Sheamus starts me off for the second part of the double header. History tells us one of the titles will change hands. Sheamus has always fought against the bullies whether it was in school or in the WWE. Wade Barrett comes out before we get a dumb Irish story. Barrett is going to win the Elimination Chamber. So, when does everyone else come down? Cody Rhodes is the next one out. Then the Big Show. I mean, what can you really say about spots like this? It does the trick but no one gets enough mic time to do much. Rhodes ripping on Show was pretty funny. Show & Sheamus toss the heels from the ring. I smell a tag team match.

For some reason, as Jinder Mahal gets worse, he gets more bullshit. We don’t care about the headdress or the plexiglass box it’s in. He takes on Khali for his spot in the EC. I hope Jeremy liked this squash match. We got replay of Mark Henry’s suspension. Aksana is hitting on Teddy when we go “live”. Daniel Bryan interrupts. Bryan goes vegan on Teddy for his barbeque party. Teddy uses JR’s sauce. Teddy does a great job. Not sure why he isn’t on Raw. He’s a babyface guy that for the most part calls it down the middle.

Beth Phoenix takes on Alicia Fox. Booker is calling Beth peerless. Did they suddenly forget about Tamina? She hits the ring to save Alicia. They have a nice little face off. The announcers are even selling a respect angle. Best Diva’s story since the original break of Kharma.

If you don’t think I FF thru the Rock review, you haven’t read this review before. Such a time saver to watch Smackdown afterwards. Natalya is getting nervous. What, they’re going with her farts really stink angle? Really, pretty much after a good Diva’s angle?

Another dumb entrance sequence. Big Show before the commercial break then Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett & finish with Sheamus. I get it as far as popping the crowd before & after the break though. Still think it’s weird. Mitchell Cool makes a good point saying you need to believe in yourself. Booker was trying to say Cody couldn’t be dual champion. If he’s entrant #5 or #6, why wouldn’t he? Booker then says you need to believe how good you are between the ropes. Sheamus doing a roll up on Barrett was very uncharacteristic of his offense. Commercial break.

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Kevin’s Blog: A Day Late & A Dollar Short Review of #iMPACTWrestling

I was figuring on staying away from the wrestling news to not taint my viewing of this show but my office work did a great job of that. Nothing like an elven hour day to keep you off the internet except to change the stations on SiriusXM during the day. I also listened to the end of Thursday’s Marek vs. Wyshinski. If you’re a hockey fan, give it a listen. You can get the link on Yahoo! Sports if you’re not familiar with the Puck Daddy blog. Anyway, since the dogs are crashed out, it’s time for back to back reviews. With the vague possibility of me doing a third one for Ring of Honor. I might need a break after taking on Smackdown though. I’ll find out soon. Let’s roll.

They blow themselves for how great last week’s show was. Aside from their head announcer giving away the biggest of obvious reveals. Bully Ray comes out first. He calls out Bobby Roode. Bully sounds good but Roode feels like a cartoon. The crowd does the “What?” chant. Must feel good. Roode magically brings out Sting. He makes himself special enforcer. They’re in a match against James Storm & Sting. I wouldn’t normally be a fan of the commish being in a match but it’s their first visit to London.

We get a review of the AJ Styles & Kazarian feud. Daniels makes his way out with beaten down Kaz. AJ Styles is his opponent. He’s not getting much of a pop. Daniels pops him first. AJ should be so pissed he isn’t posing for the crowd. Tenay goes dumb by trying to call an attempted Styles Clash a power bomb. So awful. After looking over last week’s drunken review, I did notice that this match is the first good one the crowd has seen. No wonder they’re super pumped. They chant “This is awesome”. It’s a good match. Not awesome. Daniels wins with a foreign object. Eric Bischoff is talking to Gunner. These people need to learn how to close doors.

As Tenay & Taz pimp the PPV, they remind us that it’s going to suck since it’s filmed in Orlando. What a downgrade. Magnus & Samoa Joe talk. Of course Magnus sucks in the fans with a pro-England speech. Cay, my Boxer, just farted. It really stinks. I think Joe is in better shape reaction wise, but he’s still a far cry from where he was. Magnus is selling them but I can’t help but remember their losses to the tag team champions. They don’t fear Matt Morgan & Crimson. So naturally, they show up. Nice by having them act heelish and just attack them. May as well play into the crowd tendencies unlike the WWE acting like they’re not in Canada.

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