#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 10

Veda Scott looks good in the librarian glasses.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire open the show by telling us the main event is Matt Cross against “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine for the PWO Title. Veda Scott and Sassy Steph are in action too. The opening match is Benjamin Boone with N8 Mattson against “Omega” Aaron Draven. (I’m not sure the last time I’ve seen him.) Dombrowski tried to explain who was injured but I couldn’t hear him well. Maguire said they’re not tag champs any more so I suppose they were talking about Flip Kendrick’s injury. (It seems to be legit from what I read on their site.) Boone tries to intimidate Draven, who is not. They exchanged some big guy (show of power), little guy moves (agility & quickness). Draven flipped onto his own face trying to take over Boone. The Big Bear dropped a knee on him. Boone gave Draven a short clothesline. Boone locked on the dreaded abdominal stretch. Draven hip tossed out but Boone stayed in control. He gave Draven a big boot. Nice key lock in the pin by Boone. He locked on a grounded bear hug. Draven elbowed out. Draven got out of a choke slam by DDTing Boone. Draven clotheslined Boone to no affect. He gave Boone an atomic drop then drop kicked him. Draven spring board heel kicked Boone. Draven only got a two count. Boone locked on the Bear Trap DDT but Draven fought out. He kicked Boone a couple of times then gave him an enziguri. That move draped Boone over the middle rope. Boone shoulder tackled a charging Draven. Boone went for a spring board power bomb (I feel like I’m not using the right words there) but Draven turned it into a huracanrana. Draven gave him Rolling Thunder. Draven kicked him in the face. Boone came back with a spear. He only got a two count. They countered some moves. Draven turned it into a roll up for the three count.

Analysis: I do not think Draven wrestled a very good match. Boone held up his end of the bargain and adapted to several botches well. Since I liked one guy and not the other. Score: 0.

Matt Mason had a relationship with Krimson. He is being interviewed by Vic Travagliante. Moore said that he doesn’t know who Krimson is because he knows that man as CK3. Moore has been up and down the roads with him. He asks Vic whether he wants to call him Krimson or CK3. Vic answers Krimson. Moore admonishes him. CK3 became depressed after his wife left him and his friends getting signed to better deals. Moore said that he’s always positive. He said that CK is sick and that he needs to get away from wrestling. Moore closes by saying the only way he stays in wrestling is if he turns Krimson back into CK.

Analysis: Hmm, interesting. I don’t think he was the best. He needed some more conviction and to relax some. I like the take though. Makes for an interesting storyline. Score: +1.

Bryan Castle is waving to the camera while Brian Bender admonishes him. Castle got him a gift. It was Bender’s own lucky head band. Bender said that he won and Castle lost. Bender said that Castle had been doing great in the gym but then he tried to eat a candy. Bender gave him a protein bar. Castle spit it out because it tasted like cardboard. Analysis: It’s a fun little give and take. Protein bars are pretty tasty these days. Score: +1.

Veda Scott hit the ring first with Sassy Steph coming out second. Veda pouted in the corner while Steph came to the ring. Steph started with an arm wringer. Veda countered out and applied her own. Maguire couldn’t talk because he was doing his best Jerry Lawler impersonation. Veda kneed Steph who thought they were doing a test of strength. Veda applied it after but Steph powered out. Steph turned it into a monkey flip pin. Veda powered Steph into a corner. Veda missed a charge in the corner. Steph applied an arm bar. Veda kneed then bulldogged Steph. Veda put her boot against Steph’s throat. Steph gave Veda a Russian Leg Sweep. Steph dropped down with a front chancery then turned it into a neck vice by bridging. Veda battled out. Veda kicked Steph a la Daniel Bryan. Veda stomped on Steph. Sassy gave her a back suplex. Joe covered for it. Steph dropped Veda on the back of her head. Veda caught Steph charging in with a back elbow. Veda then connected with a clothesline off the second rope. Steph connected with Kiss My Sass which is a neck breaker that finishes like a Code Breaker.

Analysis: The first couple of minutes was well wrestled. Right about where I mentioned Veda kicking like Bryan, things fell apart. The kicks looked extremely weak. They both looked gassed. As noted, Dombrowski covered for a poorly executed back suplex. Score: -1.

Gregory Iron is still mad at the Dead Wrestling Society. Now he’s mad at himself because they took out Flip Kendrick on his watch. He promises vengeance on the Society. Greg notes that he wants to take out Kirst in particular. Iron said Kirst has allowed himself to be stuck behind a wall instead of working through it. Iron said that he’ll give Kirst as much pain as he can handle. Analysis: Nice little promo. Loved the content. Iron could use a hair more conviction but it’s a minor detail. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante is with Bobby Beverly. Vic accused them of the attack on Johnny Gargano. Beverly said that he couldn’t win like he had before to get Sex Appeal out of a funk. He said he needed to go out and find a missing piece. He said when the time is right, Sex Appeal will reveal their knowledge of the masked man. Vic asks where Nicki Valentino has been. Valentino needed to find some guidance and he’ll be back bigger than ever. Beverly said that he’s the next big star in PWO so he’s going to beat Johnny Gargano next week. We can “Trust in the Thrust.” Analysis: Another good promo aside from the part where they say Valentino helped beat up Gargano recently then five second later said he hadn’t been around for a while. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine came out before the commercial break. Matt Cross came out after the break. Pedro De Lucca does the formal introductions. Justin LaBar is at ring side to make sure no one interferes. Cross gives Fontaine an arm wringer. Cross moved to a rear body lock. Cross got in a pair of arm drags. Cross put Fontaine’s shirt over his head and chopped him. He did it in another corner. Fontaine tried to duck a clothesline still blinded but got nailed anyway. Cross drop kicked him outside the ring. Maguire cracked me up saying how this was part of Fontaine’s strategy. Cross hit a suicide dive. Cross tossed Fontaine back into the ring. Cross chopped him again then gave Fontaine an atomic drop. Fontaine kneed Cross in the back as he attempted a hand spring back elbow. Fontaine jumped on the back of Cross’s shoulder. Fontaine choked Cross on the middle rope. Fontaine gave him a side slam. Fontaine suplexed him. Marion only got a two count. Fontaine locked in an abdominal stretch with Cross seated on the mat. Cross hip tossed out. Cross only got a two count after a standing moonsault. Fontaine kneed Cross in the back then yanked on his arms. Cross got draped across the top rope as Fontaine fell to the floor. Cross caught Fontaine with a knee as he got back into the ring. Cross connected with the hand spring back elbow. He clotheslined Fontaine then a running back elbow. Fontaine dragged the ref in front of him. Cross hit a moonsault on the ref. LaBar called for another ref. Fontaine stomped on Cross. Fontaine yelled at LaBar. Justin got in the ring to ref the match after no one got in. (It’s called a cell phone. I’ll play along with the story though.) Fontaine paid too much attention to LaBar so Cross rolled him up. Fontaine kicked out. Cross gave Fontaine a DVD neck breaker. Super kick by Fontaine brought a kick out by Cross. Matt caught him with an enziguri. Fontaine went for a reverse Olympic Slam. Cross caught Fontaine with the pump kick but only got two. M Dogg got crotched as he went for the shooting star press. Fontaine went to the top but Cross blocked the huracanrana. Cross connected with the Shooting Star Press to retain the PWO Title.Maguire pointed out that Fontaine had his leg under the ropes. Maguire calls it a conspiracy.

Analysis: Very good match with a nice story line to add in. LaBar called it down the middle until the controversial ending. Hard to argue with extending this storyline. I’m not sure another heel is worthy of competing for the PWO Title especially with Krimson otherwise occupied. Score: +2.

Final Score: 5/7. Final Analysis: I really liked this show, even the women’s match. Dombrowski & Maguire talked about there being more of it in the future. The ending out weighed the good start so they’d be better off shortening the matches until everyone does a little more cardio. It’ll be interesting to see who else they may bring in. For the second week in a row, Boone fought someone that he really shouldn’t have. Last week, they had an out by having Jason Gorey interfere to let him win. They couldn’t do the same thing since Aaron Draven has no storyline opponent right now. Boone still looked strong in defeat but I’d would have preferred for him not to lose at all. I was not expecting the Matt Moore storyline because of the seemingly amicable meeting the week before. It’s an interesting story though. I dig bringing Kirst into the storylines more this year because he’s always been an under utilized talent in my eyes. I’m down with stretching out the Gargano vs. Sex Appeal. What else can I really say about the main event? Excellent end to the program. -Kevin

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