Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of the Elimination #Chamber

My dogs have been freakishly tired today. They slept from 3 until 7 then woke up for a short walk and food and are back asleep. Time to start the review for the show on time then. Kind of a nice gig. I do need to grab some food though. Justin Roberts is explaining the Elimination Chamber rules. I’m a little surprised that the Raw Chamber match is first. Daniel Bryan may lose the strap in the main event then. I’m not a fan of Dolph Ziggler’s new jacket. CM Punk gets hosed and has to start the match against Kofi Kingston. Mildly weird to have two baby faces start the match. Punk looks really strange shaved. I was pleasantly surprised that Kofi got thru the first entrant. Ziggler is the first man in. Booker is really selling Dolph. R Truth is the next man in the match. Truth gets the Axe Kick on Ziggler who kicks out. I love that Punk keeps aggravating Jericho by doing stuff toward his pod. Truth gets covered after the top rope elbow by Punk to be the first eliminated. Kofi gets his spot with a springboard grab the chamber tornado DDT. Always need a spot monkey in these types of matches. The Miz enters with everyone else down. Miz starts attacking them all. Kofi ends up taking the brunt of the Miz’s offense. Punk kicks out of the Miz’s DDT. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice right before Jericho comes out. Punk lets go of Miz so that he can duke it out with Chris Jericho. Chris goes on offense to start. Jericho only gets a two count from the Lionsault. Code Breaker on my boy Dolph gets him eliminated. Booker taking a weird tact saying that Jericho is too old to compete. Kofi & Miz are taking Edge Coffee Breaks (TM). Jericho uses the pod to weaken up Punk’s left shoulder. Kofi & Miz get some play time. Punk powerbomb’s Miz who kicks out. Kofi climbs on top of the pod and cross body blocks the Miz & Punk. The Miz kicks out so they have some faith in him still. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho for Kofi’s elimination. Jericho assaults Kofi after he is eliminated. Punk kicks Jericho out of the Chamber. Jericho acts like he’s out. The doctor comes to look at him. The refs count Jericho out by way of KO. The Miz kicks out after the same kick to the head. Punk sets up for the spring board clothesline. Skull Crushing Finale by Miz gets a close call. They’re making him look strong tonight. Miz just kind of yells at Punk and has some offense. King & Booker mentioning Miz losing his cool. Miz goes head first into a pod. GTS on the Miz leads to the victory for CM Punk. The match itself didn’t do a whole lot for me. I thought it was wise to keep the belt on Punk instead of swapping it to Jericho. I agree. Let Punk ride with it. They said the match was 33 minutes so that means there was about 15 minutes of entrance & review.

Mitchell Cool, Jerry Lawler & Booker T get to talk about Randy Orton being out of the Smackdown EC. Oh my, they’re calling Santino winning a Jeremy Lin moment. They cut to Santino dressed like Rocky and cracking eggs into a glass. WWE writers, you’re not funny. We get a sneak peak of John Cena lifting at Hard Knocks. The WWE Developmental kids love Cena for being nice. He focuses on the Rock so they are telegraphing even more that Cena wins tonight.

Beth Phoenix is wearing plaid because she sought advice from Rowdy Roddy Piper since he fought Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Tamina comes down second. The announcers talk about how much she reminds them of Jimmy. Two years after she started. Beth asks Tamina to get out of her ring. Beth has a head butt back fire on her. Tamina goes up early but Beth drops her to the floor. The crowd is pretty quiet for this match. Tamina goes for the splash again but gets caught by Beth again. Suplex from the second rope but Beth doesn’t capitalize. They exchange some big punches. Splash in the corner by Tamina leads to a kick. She sets Beth up for the splash for chance number three. Tamina nails the splash but Beth kicks out. They just put some interest in the match. Glam Slam shortly there after for Beth to retain. For some reason, the baby face announcers had to doubt Beth the whole match. I’d wager a guess that Kharma gets the slot at Wrestlemania now.

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Kevin’s Blog: A Review of #Smackdown & De Facto #EliminationChamber Preview

This is more of a preview than a review.

They started with Daniel Bryan/Big Show/Randy Orton recap. Orton starts out in Teddy Long‘s office. Teddy can’t let Orton wrestle because of his concussion. He tells him it’s tonight or the Elimination Chamber. Injuries happen so may as well use it. The Big Show & the Great Khali are taking on Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett. Good way to get all of the Chamber participants on TV even if Bryan was only in the preview.  Wade Barrett’s push against Orton is officially dead. Big Show destroys Barrett & Khali. Teddy Long says that Orton’s out of the Elimination Chamber. Mark Henry wants to be put in it. Big Show comes in and asks for Daniel Bryan tonight. Henry tells him to take his turn. Big Show drops him. Big Show destroys his office. They are really selling Show. He’s doing good work. Before I get to far, be sure to check out Dusty & Matt’s audio about TNA below. I doubt I’m getting to that review. I will watch it before Elimination Chamber, I hope.

Teddy Long wants security to politely take Big Show out of the building because of Big Show’s threats. Ted DiBiase takes on Hunico again. Ted has a soft cast now. Hunico gets a cheap win with Camacho’s help. Nice little undercard stuff. It’s got squat to do with the PPV though.

They did the usual replay of HHH/UT/Shawn Michaels. That has nothing to do with the PPV. Unless HHH makes it official there. The tag team match with the Usos versus Rosa Mendes with I suppose Primo & Epico may get repeated on the Elimination Chamber if they think they don’t have enough filler for the show. Back Stabber for the win. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring smiling after it is announced Big Show has voluntarily left.

Daniel Bryan has the stick. We get replay of Monday again. Bryan brags about continuing to win. He tells the crowd he proved them wrong by winning the title. I just hope he doesn’t sink when he loses the title belt. Bryan has a strong run going here. Bryan should note that he’ll be champion at Wrestlemania like he claimed so many months ago. Bryan wants Lilian to announce him as the winner of the match. What a dick move. OK, there’s the missing Teddy. Sheamus is the happy volunteer replacement for Orton. Good way to get him involved in this mix since he’s been on standby for and through the Elimination Chamber. Cena versus Kane preview video package. Plus for a go home show.

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TNA Audio #6 – The Ghost Of Big Dick Dudley

Silly babyface, champagne is for heels.

This week, Dusty and Matt focus on the February 16 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. This is a very special Impact, because it just so happened to fall on Dusty’s birthday. Did TNA celebrate Dusty’s birthday properly? Well, you can find out by listening to this audio as our intrepid heroes delve into such topics as:

-Why do fat ECW alums have such great calves?

-So Cal Val must have used her stroke backstage with the powers to be because she appeared on this episode no fewer than two times!

-Who exactly was that MMA announcer jabroni and why was he being interviewed by Christy Hemme?

-Why is it that Brandon Jacobs is tougher than any wrestler in the locker room?

And a whole lot more stuff about a show that they both enjoyed, in an audio replete with Under Siege and Daria references for your entertainment, and it’s only going to cost you about an hour of your time, so if you have a heart at all, you’ll wish Dusty a happy happy birthday by downloading this bad boy immediately.

Stunt Granny TNA Audio Show #6

Kevin’s Blog: #ROH Aired 11 February 2011

Tag team wrestling isn't dead in ROH.

Kyle O’Reilly is going to prove to Eddie Edwards that he’s a bigger man. Eddie says Kyle started this whole ordeal. Eddie is going to knock sense into Kyle. It’s kind of strange that a grudge match they have built up for at least 3 weeks is a curtain jerker. The match has no action until O’Reilly gets in a couple of knees.  Edwards kicks him into a barricade after getting O’Reilly lost running around. Kevin Kelly is trying to sell the Ankle Lock as Davey Richards “move”. Richards shows up at ring side as they go to commercial.

O’Reilly has a pretty slick looking triple butterfly suplexes that he turned into a cross arm breaker. Edwards evidently is the weakest man ever and tumbles over the top rope with O’Reilly while trying to suplex him. Edwards kicks the ring post. Adam Cole comes down to the ring and starts rooting for Eddie. Edwards only gets a two count after  double stomp. They exchange two counts after back and forth action. Edwards turns a Dragin Sleeper into a bridge pin. He only got two. A single leg Boston Crab turns to a pin for O’Reilly. Edwards turns it into another pin and gets the win. Edwards talks about tag team partners. He offers Adam Cole a spot as a tag team partner. I guess tag team wrestling isn’t completely dead.

Steve Corino is going to be the color commentator for some events now. We get a replay of Kevin Steen’s promo. Mike Mondo is wrestling Matt Taven who is debuting in ROH. Corino is still at ring side. After early exchanges, Mondo takes over. They have mirrored each other too much in this match. Kevin Steen interrupts and complains that these guys got a match this week unlike him who has to wait until next week. Steen gives Taven (I originally wrote Maven) an F5. Steen then does the same to Mondo. Steen jaws at Corino as they go to commercial.

They replay the end of last week’s show. Shelton Benjamin was fined $5000 for a chair shot to the head. Charlie Haas is yapping about getting satisfaction. Benjamin says he’ll need to be sued to get the $5000 off of him. Oh & we’re losers if we root for the Briscoes. Jim Cornette says no one in ROH is above the law. I mean, except for everyone who holds the company hostage as we saw last week. Minor detail Jim. Benjamin will not compete until he’s paid the fine. The Briscoes say they’ll whip Benjamin & Haas when they wrestle them again. They said they’re fighting champs. This segment is such a train wreck week in and week out. It’s three terrible promos strung together.

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