Kevin’s Blog: A Review of #Smackdown & De Facto #EliminationChamber Preview

This is more of a preview than a review.

They started with Daniel Bryan/Big Show/Randy Orton recap. Orton starts out in Teddy Long‘s office. Teddy can’t let Orton wrestle because of his concussion. He tells him it’s tonight or the Elimination Chamber. Injuries happen so may as well use it. The Big Show & the Great Khali are taking on Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett. Good way to get all of the Chamber participants on TV even if Bryan was only in the preview.  Wade Barrett’s push against Orton is officially dead. Big Show destroys Barrett & Khali. Teddy Long says that Orton’s out of the Elimination Chamber. Mark Henry wants to be put in it. Big Show comes in and asks for Daniel Bryan tonight. Henry tells him to take his turn. Big Show drops him. Big Show destroys his office. They are really selling Show. He’s doing good work. Before I get to far, be sure to check out Dusty & Matt’s audio about TNA below. I doubt I’m getting to that review. I will watch it before Elimination Chamber, I hope.

Teddy Long wants security to politely take Big Show out of the building because of Big Show’s threats. Ted DiBiase takes on Hunico again. Ted has a soft cast now. Hunico gets a cheap win with Camacho’s help. Nice little undercard stuff. It’s got squat to do with the PPV though.

They did the usual replay of HHH/UT/Shawn Michaels. That has nothing to do with the PPV. Unless HHH makes it official there. The tag team match with the Usos versus Rosa Mendes with I suppose Primo & Epico may get repeated on the Elimination Chamber if they think they don’t have enough filler for the show. Back Stabber for the win. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring smiling after it is announced Big Show has voluntarily left.

Daniel Bryan has the stick. We get replay of Monday again. Bryan brags about continuing to win. He tells the crowd he proved them wrong by winning the title. I just hope he doesn’t sink when he loses the title belt. Bryan has a strong run going here. Bryan should note that he’ll be champion at Wrestlemania like he claimed so many months ago. Bryan wants Lilian to announce him as the winner of the match. What a dick move. OK, there’s the missing Teddy. Sheamus is the happy volunteer replacement for Orton. Good way to get him involved in this mix since he’s been on standby for and through the Elimination Chamber. Cena versus Kane preview video package. Plus for a go home show.

The match starts after the commercial break. Sheamus takes over and Bryan tries to leave. Bryan tried to get Sheamus counted out. Sheamus got in the ring but Bryan was still in control. Sheamus gets in some offense as I sit and think to myself, this will be a better match at Wrestlemania when it gets time. Bryan slaps then spits on Sheamus who tosses the ref aside and gets DQed. I hope Bryan wins the EC to get the rematch at WM.  Teddy Long is shaking his head. Wade Barrett and asks him who their other opponent in the Chamber. Cody Rhodes asks too. Teddy announces a battle royal for the last spot in the Chamber. Cody is right, it’s a terrible way to determine the entrant.

We get a match to officially bury someone, Ezekiel Jackson versus Jinder Mahal. I’m not really paying attention to this match.It has nothing to do with EC. Zeke taps to the camel clutch. Booker calls it an upset. Glad he still had faith in Zeke’s strength. They’ve showed no reason to doubt his power.

Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox take on Beth Phoenix & Natalya after the commercial break. More Chamber preview. Smackdown has done a much better job than Raw which was way too concentrated on Cena vs Kane. They do more preview during the ring entrances. Alicia takes advantage of Beth early so Natalya tags in acting cocky. Natalya takes control which is weird considering she’s prancing around. Natalya locks in the Sharp Shooter. The ref acts like he smells something. Tamina gets tagged in. Snuka splash and we have a win. Tamina gives Phoenix a super kick then heads to the top rope. Beth scrambles out of the ring. Keep some interest in the match but I’m calling a Tamina win. Johnny Wooden GM says the battle royal is a bad choice because someone with no charisma could get in. Johnny says that David Otunga is the man to win the battle royal. Teddy wishes him good luck after insulting him.

So easy to mow through the Cena vs Kane preview. I’m calling Cena to end that feud. Yeah, I know I’m really going out on a limb with that one. David Otunga gets to be the last one to come out but we know he isn’t winning. It seems like the NXT guys got tossed first. They went to a commercial. I’m still not paying attention. I know Santino wins. He’s got no chance at the EC. Big Zeke gets some heat back in the battle royal. Drew, Otunga & Santino are the last four. The piped in crowd was piped in for Santino at first but the people in the background start chanting for him when him & Otunga are the last two. Otunga acts too cocky and it costs him. Mitchell Cool gets to rant and push the Elimination Chamber all at once. -Kevin

Update: It’d be really cool if Christian came back at the Elimination Chamber as this story from suggests. I’d geek out but he’s still going to end up losing. I don’t see the WWE letting him headline a Wrestlemania match.

I forgot a preview prediction for Raw Elimination Chamber. I’m going with CM Punk in this match because him and Chris Jericho have something good going. Putting the belt on Jericho doesn’t do anyone any good. Kofi, Dolph, the Miz & R Truth are in there for window dressing. -Kevin

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