Stunt Granny Audio Show: WW Elimination Chamber 2012 review

Yeah that’s right it is time for a WWE PPV review. Are you excited? Well you should be as there hasn’t been one of thee in a log while. Jeremy and Kevin painstakingly go over WWE’s Elimination Chamber and it is a doozy. Who liked the show? What impressed them the most and what left them scratching their heads? Who had the performance of the night and does it even matter? How good is Santino in convincing people he may actually win? Why was Khali even on the PPV? Where the hell was Zack Ryder? How about Eve Torres? Is it time to scrap this show or actually try and make it matter? All you have to do is listen to find out. So do that now, listen and comment.

Stunt Granny Audio Show- WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Review

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