Stunt Granny Audio Show #177

It’s that time of week again; yup, it is time fro Stunt Granny Audio. Jeremy and Kevin are back this week with a rundown of Monday Night Raw with a dash of the live Smackdown event. What do the guys make of CM Punk twitter war/beef/exaggerated term with Chris Brown? How predictable was the RAW battle royal? What was the point of the Eve heel turn and subsequent embarrassment in the ring? Was Wade Barrett’s dislocated elbow caused by the Big Show or was it just a matter of bad circumstance? How did Daniel Bryan fare after his solid performance at Elimination Chamber? You will get the answers to all of these and more. All you have to do is listen. So get to it.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #177

So Brian Knobbs got knocked the bleep out last night

Here is the report:

The official Facebook page of former ECW superstar Jerome “New Jack” Young notes that at an independent wrestling event last night in Clearwater, Florida, he was involved in an altercation with Brian Knobbs, which resulted in Knobbs being knocked out in front of a locker room full of wrestlers. New Jack noted that Knobbs stopped by with his wife and 2 other people and for some unknown reason, Knobbs felt like he needed to mess around with New Jack on and off for a while and that Knobbs, who was drinking, came in, gave a speech and told New Jack that he couldn’t wrestle, which New Jack stated is the last thing that Knobbs probably remembers before being knocked out.
Those who I’ve spoken to about the altercation are wondering why Knobbs even made the comments in the first place knowing quite well that it would not only rile up New Jack, but also a few members of the locker room also. One promoter who contacted me about this and will remain anonymous stated that there are good people in wrestling and bad people in wrestling and then there’s Brian Knobbs and that he’s delighted that Knobbs finally got what he deserved and hopes that the boys in the back on the night praised New Jack as he finally reacted to what Knobbs’ has been getting away with for years.
More details:
After a show last night in Largo, FL at Gasoline Alley, Brian Knobs came into the dressing room and was giving a lot of the wrestlers an earful about how they didn’t know how to work and didn’t get it. Knobs then specifically told that to New Jack, saying that New Jack didn’t know how to wrestle. New Jack then punched Knobs in the face, knocking him into the wall. Knobs then came back and pulled New Jack to the ground, but New Jack got up from the ground a lot faster than Knobs, and when Knobs was down, he kicked him in the face, knocking him out in front of everyone. I’m sure more versions will surface from other eye witnesses in the next few days.
What I want to know is, with how long he’s been in the wrestling business, how come there was never a universally established way of spelling his name? Is it Knobbs or Knobs, for fuck’s sake?! Also, if Jack is in Florida, Mike Ryan needs to get him on the Lebatard Show pronto! In studio. Only Roy is safe. – Dusty

Matt Hardy will not die, shave, leave YouTube; promotes indy match vs. Luke Gallows

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in: According to, fresh out of rehab, Matt Hardy will appear for UCW this Friday night in Norcross, Ga., to wrestle Luke Gallows. According to the self-aggrandizing superstar of superstars:

I have signed to compete with UCW…

And in the video description:

I’ve just agreed to wrestle for UCW…

Not to mention he, out of the goodness of his own warm, red, beating heart, Flip-cammed a (decent??) 1:15 promo for his match. (CORRECTION: He cut a decent 57-second promo, then petered out with that “will not die” garbage.) UCW should be so lucky that he signed, agreed, and dusted off that lonely old camcorder to promote the match. Frankly, UCW should be so lucky that he was able to control his withdrawal shakes long enough to sign, that he was coherent enough to agree, and that he didn’t just taze his brother’s girlfriend on camera instead of talking about his career. “WEL-COME-BACK! WEL-COME-BACK!” -Eric

CM Punk and Chris Brown Twitter WAR!

So this is what we have come to? CM Punk is in a Twitter war with Chris Brown over a tweet CM Punk made about Chris Brown beating up his then girlfriend Rihanna. CM Punk shot off saying he would like to curb stomp Chris Brown. Then Chris Brown came back accusing CM Punk of doing steroids, which his PR team correctly pointed out is libel and will get his dumb ass in trouble, so he removed it. In its place gave us talk about real wrestlers and mentioned Koko B Ware, which is exactly what you should think of when thinking of real wrestlers.

SO Punk countered with this video.

Punk wants to fight Chris Brown and will choke him out. He will then give all the proceeds to a local women shelter of his choosing. Look this is nice idea but why not just give some money to a local women shelter instead of all this fantasy garbage? This will never happen. It is typical internet tough guy garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, Chris Brown deserves all of the trash sent his way. He is a scumbag. If you want details here ya go.  Not sure how he can be defined any other way. The best thing to do is ignore him instead of constantly talking about him (much like this post). He clearly isn’t the smartest guy if you follow his Twitter or any other piece of information about him. He is a carefully crafted creation and he tried to destroy that by being himself.

So yes, CM Punk has inserted himself in to a story he has no business being involved in. Chris Brown is a brazen man baby who has shown zero remorse for unmercifully beating his girlfriend. Sure he picked up trash to show his shame. I get it he paid his debt and he should be left alone but paying your debt to society and changing your tune are two totally different things. I guess when you get applauded on national television by a large crowd of delusional morons you considered yourself redeemed?

So what this boils down to is one smug, smartass (compliment) having a slap fight with a, um, singer? What does Chris Brown do anyway? I mean besides trap his girlfriend in the car and punch her repeatedly in the face?  -Jeremy

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