Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of #Raw

The Rock is going to explode tonight.

No big surprise that we got a nice recap of John Cena running down the Rock. We get a recap of CM Punk vs  Daniel Bryan. Scott Armstrong still looks like the dumbest referee ever. Chris Jericho comes out after Punk hit the ring. Jericho claims that he never needed to say he was the best in the world. Jericho feeding right into Punk’s wheel house because he honed his craft before getting to the WWE. Glad Punk interrupted. Jericho was droning. Punk is destroying him. Jericho with a nice punch back by saying Punk has never faced anyone like him. The only guy I’d put in that category is John Cena. Dozens of Wrestlemania matches? I don’t think he’s been around for twelve. Might have to look that up later. Punk doing a good job here calling Jericho jealous. Punk stealing Cena’s line about wrestling loyalty.Jericho only came back to embarrass Punk. Too bad jobber to the stars is taking the L at Wrestlemania. Punk stumbling has been his only problem. Jericho stepped up but still was weaker. Daniel Bryan came down with AJ, Johnny Wooden GM & David Otunga. Bryan attacks Punk who was jawing from Johnny. Evidently Teddy wasn’t big enough to get an entrance.

Punk is on offense after the break. The bickering GMs get more TV time than the wrestlers. Jerry Lawler as usual can’t counter Mitchell Cool. I need beer. Bryan takes over after AJ blocks a suicide dive attempt. Another commercial. Ugh. Why is Punk hurt after the top rope elbow? Otunga & Santino cancel each other out. Somehow super Johnny Wooden GM disqualifies Punk for Sheamus throwing Bryan back into the ring. The crowd is going bananas for Teddy. Jericho ambushes Punk as the GMs bicker in the ring. Jericho slams him and slaps on the Walls of Jericho. That segment turned into a clusterfuck.

Really? More replay. I suppose this is what happens when participants in a Wrestlemania match wrestle about as often as the Rock. And commercial again. Those last three words were the only ones I typed before hitting the update button. That’s sad. I should be typing.

Kelly Kelly and Nikki Bella get a cold opening. KK thwarts Twin Magic. Another victory for the Diva’s Division. At least Trish Stratus is doing something in a chat room. Do they normally take this many commercials? Did the opening go that much too long?

John Cena hits the ring for what I hope isn’t a squash match. The Miz has a promo first. Fears are being alleviated. The Miz is Wrestlemania. I don’t mind over selling yourself but that’s a big one. By the way, is anyone surprised they’re saving his appearance for the main event? I didn’t think so. The Miz taking control of the match. Fears are being further dismissed. Of course they ignite as a Five Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjust seconds later. Oh, it really gets rubbed in with an STF. Ouch. Isn’t that what he did to Miz the first time he tried to climb the ladder. The Rock is warming up in the back. So Rock gets to do some cheesy camera tricks. That was stupid for a variety of reasons.

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TNA Audio #7 – Defecate In My Mouth

Pictured above: Kurt Angle

Dusty and Matt are back once again to discuss the February 23 edition of Impact Wrestling. Overall, they are very impressed with TNA’s long-term planning of storylines and matches, but are frustrated with the over-pushing of Hulk Hogan and the Bischoff Family. More importantly, though, they go off on several side tangents this week, including:

-Dusty debuting his new superhero alter-ego, Wrong Opinion Man

-Matt’s love for early ’90s WCW

-Just how exactly was the Shockmaster supposed to get over in the first place, even if he hadn’t tripped and fallen flat on his face during his big debut?

And a whole lot more nonsense, and it’s only worth about an hour of your time, so get in the festive holiday mood and give it a download why don’t you.

Stunt granny TNA Audio Show #7

#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 11

I wonder if the Dead Wrestling Society will ever have to worry about Ash.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The Dead Wrestling Society (Jason Gorey, Kirst & Krimson) take on Gregory Iron, Michael “The Bomber” Facade and Jason Bane. Marion Fontaine is seeking answers since his leg was under the rope when he got pinned by Matt Cross last week. The show opens with Bobby Beverly taking on Johnny Gargano. Gargano is introduced second and hits the ring running. Beverly catches Gargano with a kick before he can hit a suicide dive. Beverly tried to kick Gargano from the apron but whiffed. Gargano pulled his legs out from under him and nailed a running senton from the apron. Gargano tossed Beverly into the guard rail then back into the ring. Maguire does a great job of mocking the rematch between Isiah Bonds and Daniel Arkham later this hour. Gargano caught Beverly with a boot in the corner. Beverly used the ref as a shield and yanked Gargano off the middle rope. Beverly got a two count after an enziguri. A suplex by Beverly leads to a reverse chin lock. Beverly tossed Gargano into the corner chest first. Beverly thrusted again after a belly to back suplex. Beverly clotheslined Gargano. He caught him with another one after a roll up. Gargano double legged Beverly after more celebrating. Beverly slammed Gargano into the guard rail then tossed Gargano back into the ring. Gargano super kicked Beverly coming off the top rope. Beverly kicked Gargano in the gut. Gargano power bombed Beverly after he tried for a head scissors take over. Beverly tried to leave the match but Gargano dragged him back to the ring. Beverly DDTed Gargano as he tried to get back into the ring. Gargano gave Beverly an enziguri. Beverly pumo kicked Gargano. They traded super kicks. Beverly pinned Gargano for two after a urinogi back breaker. Gargano drop kicked Beverly. The ref got elbowed by Beverly. Gargano nailed Uniquely You but the ref was still down. The ski masked attacker nail Gargano with a 2×4. Beverly super kicked Gargano. The ref recovered. Beverly pinned Gargano for the victory. Bobby Shields took off the mask and said he wasn’t the masked man. Shields said that it wasn’t anyone in Sex Appeal. He said that when he gets here, Gargano’s life in PWO will be forever changed.

Analysis: A really good back and forth match. Some of the exchanges seemed to happen a bit too quickly for my taste but it was all well executed. It’s a good victory to get Beverly. He looked dominant most of the match so it didn’t feel as fluky even with Shields interference. Shields mic was not the best. Dombrowski covered for it though and the big parts of it came through clear. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine had a camera with him when he went to confront Justin LaBar who was talking to Vic Travagliante. LaBar said he made a mistake but Fontaine was out. LaBar said he could have counted well over three. Fontaine said that it was fixed from day one just like he’d been saying. Fontaine said that LaBar is hurting the PWO product. LaBar acted like a beaten dog. LaBar asked what Fontaine wanted. Fontaine said he needed the camera out of there. Analysis: I say it when it happens in ROH, TNA or WWE so PWO isn’t exempt. I hate employee who somehow have management’s balls. You’re a fucking employee. You have jack for leverage. The most he should be able to do is get another match. They played their parts well enough. Score: 0.

Krimson quotes John Keats about beauty being truth. He said that Matt Moore is one of the beautiful people. Krimson said his life was beautiful once but it turned into a nightmare. He warned Moore about trying to step into his realm. Krimson said that he is acting with compassion once to warn Moore because he loves nothing more than smashing something beautiful. Analysis: That gets listed in best promos of the year so far. He showed vulnerability by being compassionate with his warning but still is ready to fight. Score: +2.

Mr RBI Isiah Bonds takes on Daniel Arkham in a rematch. Bonds attacks him from behind. Bonds whips Arkham into the corner. MR. RBI nailed a side slam. Bonds held Arkham in the back breaker position. Bonds clubbed Arkham with a double fist swing. He missed his next swing and Arkham popped him. Arkham drop kicked Bonds. Arkham chopped him off the middle ropes. Arkham clotheslined Mr. RBI twice. Bonds Black Hole Slammed Arkham on his third attempt for the victory. Analysis: Better than their last match but there wasn’t much to it. Score: 0.

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