WWE will swap General Managers this week. Logic be damned.

This suit means your argument is irrelevant; period. End of story playa.

This is a barely there story and really if you are severely retarded this is a surprise twist on the GM saga. As reported on WWE.com the mysterious WWE Board of Directors, has decided to switch the General Managers of each brand next week.

This entire scenario makes no sense if you put an ounce of thought in to it. Here you have two grown men publicly bickering about the job the other person is doing. Last week on Smackdown they bickered over the outcome of the champion versus champion match and furthered the storyline.

On Raw these same two grown men got into an actual physical altercation during the rematch of the champion versus champion match. Teddy Long pushed John Laurinitis and chaos ensued.

So let’s apply this to the real world. Both of their asses would be fired. At the very least they would be suspended without pay. In the world of WWE this means you just need a change of environment. Kind of like the Catholic Church and pedo priests but without the kid touching.

Of course this is all leading to an eventual winner takes control of both shows match at WrestleMania but even then that doesn’t help make this angle any better. Then again if you do not think it out it is all fine. -Jeremy

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