Shawne Merriman is angry with CM Punk GRRRRRR!

Twitter Beef

Everyone remember the CM Punk/ Chris Brown Twitter beef? The story that was so big it was forgotten two days later? Yeah we barely do as well. Apparently Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills, yes that is a real football team, just found out though and boy was he unhappy.

Merriman was so upset he did what any grown adult should do and took it to the masses via Twitter. He basically is starting his own Twitter beef with CM Punk. The idea of going through his tweets is repulsive so thanks to other sources like, you can read them all in a collected format.

F— C.M. Punk, he’s still a punk forever in my book,” Merriman wrote. “I’m sure my supporters feel the same way… And WWE, I ain’t hosting y’all new network until somebody whoop C.M. Punk cuz he’s a p$ssy.

“Serious, who the f— is C.M. Punk other than a soft butt…wrestling gone soft f off… If god is my witness, C.M. Punk was wearing a thong laying by the pool tanning his cheeks in Costa Rica, now tell me I’m lying… C.M. Punk wants no part of Lights, trust me…

“And WWE, I ain’t hoting sh#t until C.M. is dethroned… I ain’t a hater at all, but if you like dudes tanning by the pool (in) a thong that’s cool. I think he had pillows under his stomach

This is the guy that was suspended for steroid use by the NFL and upon his return hasn’t been any good. This really has nothing to do with this story but it should be pointed out. Oh, and he was also arrested for alleged domestic abuse on his then girlfriend Tila Tequila but those charges were tossed out of court due to lack of evidence. This is nothing like Chris Brown’s situation where he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face and paid his debt by picking up trash. -Jeremy


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  1. I hope Punk buys him a dictionary and signs him up for an English 101 class.

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