Stunt Granny Audio Show #178

To help fill in for a temporarily phoneless Dusty, Jeremy & Kevin talk a little bit about TNA. What do they think the biggest problem with the promotion is? Do they admit that TNA is getting better? Who do they call a fresh face despite their tenured career? Does Jeremy actually talk Kevin into a previously hated angle? The guys move on to Shawn Merriman and his rant against CM Punk. Does anyone understand what he was trying to say? Do more people understand than the number of tackles he’s had the last two years in the National Football League? Jeremy & Kevin realize that the site had a major gaffe, we forgot to post about the death of Doug Furnas. Why does everyone remember him? Is it because of anything he did in the ring? Or does it have to deal with his epic features? Jeremy & Kevin wind down the show by talking about portions of Raw. Why are they holding back some of their opinions? They do talk about Santino Marella and his opponent Jack Swagger. Who did they compare Swagger to because of his new hairdo? Jeremy & Kevin also talk about all of the Rock and John Cena talking. Did they like one guy more than the other? Are they going to buy a garden gnome of the Rock? They also talk about Jeremy’s prediction of Kane fighting Zack Ryder at Wrestlemania. And say, how did Zack fare in his return? How he had worse luck with women than Kevin? Find out below when you click the link.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #178

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