Stunt Granny Audio Show #180

Reunited and it feels so good, Dusty and Jeremy join forces to combat the biggest stories of the week in the wide wide world of professional wrestling. Shane Douglas made a triumphant appearance on Raw that resounded across the nation. Or maybe it lulled everyone to sleep like a “good” Triple H promo. A-Train’s on again, off again relationship with the fact that he’s definitely coming back to WWE is apparently back on again, under the guise of Lord Tensai. If you have alcohol or substance abuse problems, you need to know right now that Chris Jericho absolutely HATES you. All that and a whole lot more so give the poor chaps about an hour of your time and an ear, why the fuck don’t ya?!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #180

WWE closing Florida Championship Wrestling

According to via WWE has reportedly started their long planned over haul of their developmental system. They have notified Bright House Sports Network that they are closing shop on Florida Championship Wrestling.  The plan, as it stands now, is to move the promotion to Connecticut so that it is closer to WWE headquarters and thus closer to WWE brain trust.

The move makes sense on paper as the territory can come under closer scrutiny on a more consistent basis. It is also a cost effective move in that they will not need to fly officials back and forth to observe talent or critique the trainers.

It also provides a better avenue to turn a profit on a developmental program. WWE can go all out and build its own studio with actual professional touches instead of the shack/warehouse that currently hosts FCW. A small arena that seats about five-hundred people with an actual stage instead of a black curtain draped from steel posts with Christmas lights and a real announce area instead of a card table with a left over pieces of the black curtain would be nice touches.

In a sense WWE can create its own Impact Wrestling without having to finally buy out Dixie Carter and move everything from Orlando to Stamford, CT. -Jeremy

Albert/Giant Bernard is coming to WWE for realz.

Over the weekend word leaked that A-Train, Albert, Giant Bernard or Matt Bloom was returning to WWE. Well it is time to give him another name and that is Lord Tensai. The name sure sounds impressive and actually fits the man in this case but what is WWE’s deal with giving white guys Asian names? First Chris Hero becomes Kassius Ohno and now Matt Bloom is Lord Tensai. Aren’t there any good Bulgarian names left out there to use?  -Jeremy

Shane Douglas has night offf from Target; invades Raw

Shane Douglas, you remember him from such things as ECW and WCW, got the night off from gathering carts at Target and showed up on Raw. No he didn’t do it in an official capacity, he bought a ticket. No real news there right? Well, being Shane Douglas, he decided to make a spectacle of himself or at least tried.

During the Kane/Big Show match on Monday Night raw a Lucha masked person stood up, removed their shirt revealing a “Franchise” symbol on a black shirt. Then they proceeded to remove the Lucha mask and lo and behold it was Shane Douglas. The crowd went absolutely crazy and started a very loud and sustained chant of ECW that lasted fifteen minutes and totally overshadowed the match and post-match beatdown.

Ok, past the unmasking none of that happened. Just watch the video. One scrub, who apparently doesn’t understand landscape mode or the idea to just turn the fucking camera horizontally, chanted ECW. It all makes for a sad scene. No one cared. There was no one around his seat that popped big nor did he garner a lot of attention on the way out of the building. This brings up the question, why did he leave? He could have sat facing the hard camera and mugged the entire night. He could have changed shirts promoting his ECW gimmick show with each match. He could have held up a sign or two. He could have done so many more things other than not make a spectacle of himself.

On the bright side he has a story to tell the other cart boys at Target this morning.-Jeremy

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