WWE closing Florida Championship Wrestling

According to Prowrestling.net via F4WOnline.com WWE has reportedly started their long planned over haul of their developmental system. They have notified Bright House Sports Network that they are closing shop on Florida Championship Wrestling.  The plan, as it stands now, is to move the promotion to Connecticut so that it is closer to WWE headquarters and thus closer to WWE brain trust.

The move makes sense on paper as the territory can come under closer scrutiny on a more consistent basis. It is also a cost effective move in that they will not need to fly officials back and forth to observe talent or critique the trainers.

It also provides a better avenue to turn a profit on a developmental program. WWE can go all out and build its own studio with actual professional touches instead of the shack/warehouse that currently hosts FCW. A small arena that seats about five-hundred people with an actual stage instead of a black curtain draped from steel posts with Christmas lights and a real announce area instead of a card table with a left over pieces of the black curtain would be nice touches.

In a sense WWE can create its own Impact Wrestling without having to finally buy out Dixie Carter and move everything from Orlando to Stamford, CT. -Jeremy


One Response

  1. The first time I ever watched an episode and then they close down. Wow. I don’t think the developmental program should be about profit. The 500 people in their crowd can agree with that. It is about raising future stars.

    Also… isn’t this Dusty’s promotion? Wouldn’t he have the say?

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