World Wrestling Bracketainment Elite Eight: Bruno-Savage, Hogan-Punk, Taker-Pedro, Rock-Michaels

World Wrestling Bracketainment March-o Madness continues, ooooh yeah! Yep, somehow or other, you folks voted Randy Savage as a better WWF/WWE Champion than Stone Cold Steve Austin, making this a very interesting Elite Eight round. Savage takes on Sammartino, the longest-reigning champ in company history; Hulk Hogan is pitted against current-day darling CM Punk; Undertaker blew away John Cena to move on against Pedro Morales (yeesh); and in a contest more of us can relate to, The Rock is matched up against Shawn Michaels (due to a mysterious tiebreaker). Cast your vote for the man in each match-up you consider to have been the better WWF/WWE Champion, and we’ll return Monday with the winners!


2 Responses

  1. Anyone who voted for CM Punk over Hulk Hogan should die of a caffeine overdose tonight while they carve “Straight Edge” into their arm in their parent’s basement.

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