Kevin’s Blog: #Smackdown – For The Hell Of It

Just trying to get up as many review as possible since it’s the busiest time of the year. Since I’m so late on this show, I’m going speed demon style. If for some bizarre reason you don’t scroll down until you see an article you’ve read already, please do so now. Dan, Dusty & Eric did an audio about the Hall of Fame inductees. Let’s roll.

Daniel Bryan comes out with AJ. He wants to know how AJ feels to be in love with the World Champion. She tries to get out extra info but he shuts her down. Sometimes they spoon. Hilarious. She really enjoys cuddling. I can’t stop laughing. He’s a great lover too. I like that they’re shifting her character up a notch. She felt like a novelty. Sheamus shows up. He calls Bryan a coward. Nice of Bryan to make his own chant “Danny” by emphasizing Daniel. Slick little trick. Sheamus is the Irish version of John Cena with the wise cracking then serious tone.

R Truth is taking on Mark Henry. I hope this is a squash match. The crowd sweetener is on something fierce. They’re giving Truth some offense. Cross body into the World’s Strongest Slam.

Zack Ryder rally & a mascot isn’t big enough for Teddy Long. The Great Khali acts like Ryder. He looks more natural in the get up than Robbie T. Zack & Khali are added to Team Teddy.

The Bellas get an inset promo. Brie doesn’t need Nikki’s help against AJ. The announcers are trying to do something coherent about AJ but it’s failing. Her character is still being developed so it’s hard to argue. AJ had an arm bar locked in. Double distraction. Brie runs into Nikki. AJ gets the roll up. The Bellas disagree about a lot of things. They will be rooting for different teams at Wrestlemania. The sheep may actually be chanting Team Teddy. Weird.

Vickie Guererro intros Jack Swagger but I blow right by it. Zack Ryder is his opponent. Hornswoggle is at ringside with his Team Teddy flag. Mitchell Cool is running down Team Teddy. On paper, Cool is right. Swagger has been a waste of space for at least a year now. Dolph Ziggler hasn’t really accomplished anything yet. This crowd is sitting on it’s hands even as Ryder is on offense. Swagger kicks out of the Broski Boot. Powerbomb into a Swaggerbomb only gets a two count. Vickie’s distraction back fires. Ryder with the Rough Ryder for the win. The crowd is fist pumping. We get replay of Cody Rhodes and Big Show. Matt Striker talks to Rhodes. He talks about Show being a choke artist at Wrestlemania. Big Show is the WWE’s biggest fool. Rhodes is doing a good sell job.

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