WrestleMania 28 Preview #8- John Cena vs The Rock

And so it has come to this. One year of hype, title reigns, trash talk and bad blood finally culminates at WrestleMania 28. Rock versus John Cena. They are billing it as “Once in a lifetime” but is that true? What are the possibilities we see this match again and sooner than WrestleMania 29? Do the boys have a reason to bitch about Rock being in the main event? Who wins this? Yeah we asked this on all the previews but no really, who the hell wins this thing? Rock jobs in his home town? Cena bitches out to an actor? This could be a fascinating spectacle or a total jizzbag. So listen and see where the guys fall on this one.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #8- John Cena vs The Rock

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