WrestleMania 28 – The Audio Review

Another year has come and gone so let us review. Jeremy and Kevin round up this year’s WrestleMania in audio fashion for all you loyal boys and girls. What was the best match? What match caused a severe hang over? What match seemed forced for no apparent reason and adversely effected the beginning of a four Kev encounter? How did he announcers drop the ball when it seemed obvious there was an overriding theme for the evening? Did The Rock and John Cena live up to the hype? Was this show worth a trip to Miami? All this and more so if you have come this far why not sixty more minutes?

Stunt Granny Audio Show WrestleMania 28 Review

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

I’m running late because Jeremy, his woman and I went out to eat at the Winking Lizard. We grabbed some good beers, more on that later, and some forty cent wings. Now that I’m properly nourished and lubed up, let’s roll.

Johnny Wooden GM gets to talk the peons until CM Punk walks in. Johnny books Mark Henry versus CM Punk. People Power Era. Solid interaction between him and Punk. I was thinking it’d be really funny if HHH just came out and fired Johnny tonight. Not going to happen because nothing is more brilliant than yet another evil GM. The Rock shows up. This crowd is already livelier than last night’s crowd. I’m talking as the Rock does because he’s going nowhere quick. It’s coming. I fear it. Trying to be patient. History is the only thing that matters, not the win or loss. He guarantees that this is just the beginning. You still can’t show up that often. The Rock milks his vision. Did this segment take up the first hour of Raw? He wants to be WWE champion. Not against CM Punk. John Cena fall out with special music.

Santino comes to the ring before the commercial break. Vickie Guerrero introduces Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler. Swagger & Ziggler are show boating too much. Are they going to cost each other the match? Commercial break. Great pacing. Santino has a brief come back. Dolph & Jack argue shortly there after. Now, Santino is way over, but does he make the US Championship important? Id’ say no. The Funkasaurus makes the save on the post match sashay away from the ring. Ziggler sells like a champ but I’m wondering if he bounced his head off the ramp at all. It’s cool that Brodus might be getting a story finally.

Lord Tensai making his debut. I’m a bit surprised. Almost forgot about him with all the names being tossed around this weekend. Alex Riley is the sacrificial lamb. The tattoo’s across the face are awesome. This squash is taking a while. Nice to show off his offense even if it’s slow. Choke Slam Bomb gets the ref to call the match. Oh no, it’s the claw. Did they bring him back to embarrass him? It is not helping that Mitchell Cool & Jerry Lawler have to pretend like they don’t know who he is when the crowd is chanting “A-Train”.

We get more review of Cena’s mental state before the match. They’re doing a good job of hyping this announcement up. CM Punk comes out first. Mark Henry plods to the ring. I love when the missed attempt hurts even though you fall the same when you connect on a drop kick. I love the “Yes Yes Yes” chants. It’s the best way to support Daniel Bryan. Henry talking trash is always funny. Punk turns a bear hug into a DDT. Mark Henry goes up the ropes for some unknown reason. Punk gets knocked down from a spring board clothesline before the commercial break. Nice flurry by Punk sets up an elbow. Of course Punk can’t capitalize. Punk got tossed out of the ring after a bulldog attempt. Henry wins by count out. World’s Strongest Slam on the floor. Johnny comes out. He sees a natural disaster coming for him. Chris Jericho has another gaudy jacket. Jericho has to say he doesn’t drink and drive. Am I watching a PSA? Jericho pours beer on him. Jericho is fancy, he uses bottled liquors. The bottle busts before it was even close to Punk’s head. Was it made out of ice? Good segment. I’m glad Mark Henry isn’t Punk’s next feud.

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