Brock Lesnar contract requirements are miniscule

According to, via other sources, Brock Lesnar has a sweet deal with WWE. He works a minimum of two dates a month and can negotiate for more. Basically he is getting paid, probably a decent amount, for little work. This is no criticism on Brock at all. It is a smart business deal on his end. One of the reasons he left initially was due to the constant travel so eliminating that makes sense. The only issue with that is how does WWE build any successful feuds with a guy who is barley going to be around? They pulled it off with Rock and Cena but that was a different animal. Signing Brock, even at these terms, was a smart move by WWE. He can instantly retrieve those lost viewers or possibly add his UFC fan base immediately. How they handle him going forward will be the tell tale sign of his long range viability. -Jeremy


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