#Wrestlemania Weekend – Cbus Edition

Just in case you're confused like Mr. Maes, that is my foot. Sleeping from left to right, Jer, Kia and Cayenne.

I thought we’d get more work done for the site with Jeremy & I in the same spot. We didn’t have to worry about taking the MARTA and using at least thirty minutes of time to do so. We weren’t going to have to hunt for food like we did in Atlanta after the hour of 8:00 PM. We ended up finding out that showing off a cool city that you’re familiar with takes up more time than going to CNN, the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. The last time Jeremy was here was four or five years ago. I was limited by my ex-wife who didn’t like to try new places. I’ve been liberated and wanted to show it off to the first friend that has been to Columbus who hadn’t lived here before. We talked plenty of wrestling while we were out so I’m going to give you a preview of where you’d go if you stopped in to visit along with some additional thoughts on wrestling we talked about.

Friday Gallo’s Tap Room – They offer a number of microbrewery beers on tap so it has Sippy Time Beer Award written all over it. On top of that, they’ve got some seriously delicious bar food. The menu isn’t that long (check the link) but it’s high quality bar food. Sippy Time Beer Choice – Columbus Brewing  Company India Pale Ale. Wrestling thoughts: Our plan for this evening was to do a round up this evening. We didn’t take down many beers, but after an eight hour drive for him and the woman and a full day of work & week for yours truly led to a sleepy crew. There wasn’t much to update than the players in Team Johnny vs Team Teddy. It wouldn’t have changed my pick for Team Johnny. I’ll hope that his character does as well as he did on Monday. And also takes up as much air time. I have a doubt on the later because we’re not going to have a Rock farewell speech or a appearance by Brock Lesnar after a lengthy John Cena promo.

SaturdayLa Casita & Bob’s Bar – The former is the finest of three Mexican establishments in my neighborhood and the only place that Jeremy had been to previously. We took down some good grub and a pitcher of tasty margaritas. At Bob’s Bar, they serve over two hundred beers with thirty six of them coming off a tap. Sippy Time Beer Choice – Left Handed Brewing Company – Smoke Jumper, an Imperial Porter. Wrestling Thoughts: I was expecting to watch the Hall of Fame ceremonies this night. It wasn’t until Monday Night Raw that it was noted the show would be aired on Monday. I still haven’t watched it. I’m sure it’ll be fun but I wish more of inductions were in there. We were at the event in Atlanta and it last approximately three hours. An hour of TV will not do the ceremony justice.

SundayBabushka’s, homemade meatballs & a Great Lakes Variety Pack – Babushka’s is a Polish joint that opened up about a year ago. I hadn’t had the chance to eat there yet so I figured the Pollack in Jeremy would be a good excuse to try it. It was some good food so long as you like cabbage or pierogies. After getting fat and sassy, we took a nice walk then grabbed the variety pack on our way back to my place. I still have plenty of meatballs left. Good thing I have a large freezer. I have five quarts of tomato sauce in there too. It’s a big undertaking and quite delicious. The twelve pack had Edmund Fitzgerald, Dortmunder Gold and Commodore Perry but my Sippy Time Beer Choice – Eliot Ness. It’s one of my top five favorite beers. I know I’ve pimped it before but I’ll repeat myself. Wrestling Thoughts: The jokes that didn’t make it into the blog were too many because context is everything. I hope you had a good crew to watch. It would have been nice if my neighbors were wrestling fans but they were a nice addition to the crew. After having re-watched the whole thing, I still think this show is in the B-/C+ area. Good but not great, it would have been fun to get Dusty on audio with his take on Undertaker versus HHH and the card as a whole but my week hasn’t been any less busy without Jeremy & his woman around. Hence this going up on Friday.

MondayThe Winking Lizard – The Lizard is a small chain that started in Cleveland and I occasionally went to when I was at Kent State despite it being about a forty five minute drive to the nearest one. I like the flavors of the wings and the selection of beers is a ridiculous 323 choices. The monthly specials are their best food but the rest is your usual bar food fare. Sippy Time Beer Choice – Great Lakes Dopplerock. Wrestling Thoughts: We skipped the HOF ceremonies to grab the food and beer. We got back in enough time to walk my dogs and catch Monday Night Raw. Again, many jokes were cracked that didn’t make it into the blog. A waste of amusement that should have been passed along. It was nice to not be cooking during Raw. If you didn’t notice in my blog, I loved the crowd. Anyone who said wait and see the reaction for Daniel Bryan after this week has their head screwed on correctly. It took months for the WWE to notice the ground swell for Zack Ryder. Keep the Daniel Bryan chants coming crowds.

TuesdayBetty’s Fine Food & Spirits and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – We parked near Nationwide Arena (Columbus Bluejackets) and walked down to Huntington Park (AAA Columbus Clippers) back thru the Short North to Betty’s. I saved the best for last according to both visitors. Betty’s is named after Betty Page so there’s a lot of period artwork hanging around along with wallpaper to match the time period but not the remainder of the decor. They have an awesome menu with some seriously kicked up bar food. They also have a good selection of beers on tap. Jeni’s has some seriously funky and tasty ice cream. My favorite flavor is Queen City Cayenne which is chocolate with cayenne. It is spicy but oh so tasty. I’d suggest trying something else if you don’t like the hot stuff.  Sippy Time Beer Choice – Thristy Dog Brewing Company – Whippet Wheat. Wrestling Thoughts: We were supposed to record our thoughts on Raw but I had weighed down Jeremy so much with Cajun Crab Pasta and ice cream that he was nearly asleep before I could walk the dogs around my condo complex. We tossed that idea out the window one of the times Jeremy jerked awake while I finished watching the Penguins. I wish I had thought of this course of action then instead of the next day at my office. Oh well. I haven’t watched iMPACT Wrestling. I haven’t read the spoilers for Smackdown. I think you know what is coming tonight. A double dose of reviews to get some real wrestling thoughts. -Kevin

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  1. Here are my exclusive thoughts on the entire show. You don’t even have to listen to an audio to get them! I hated every single second of it. There you go.

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