Scott Hall arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend, officially added to dictionary as “white trash” illustration

According to, former TNA star (I’ve made this joke before, because he’s trashy like TNA, M I RITE) Scott Hall was arrested Friday in Florida for allegedly choking out his girlfriend, Lisa Howell. The full story at says police were dispatched to Hall’s residence on a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived, Howell claimed Hall had been drinking for days (which we at Stunt Granny doubt), and when Howell tried to drive away, Hall reached into the car, choked Howell and pulled her out of the car. (Anonymous witnesses do not claim he did that overhead toss move from his Razor Ramon days.) Hall is denying there was physical abuse, which means the only explanation for the red hand marks around Howell’s neck is that she confused a serial killer for a scarf, or something. And as for the “drinking for days” part, Hall was reportedly so drunk that he was secreted a strange white liquid from the corners of his mouth and was denied booking into the jail and instead sent to a medical facility to detox.

I mean, does the fun ever stop? It’s not enough that WWE has spent plenty of money sending Hall to rehab, and that ESPN aired his entire dirty wardrobe on “E:60.” I guess I’m going to have to make my personal plea to Scott himself: Scott, listen to me. One of the greatest things posted to YouTube in the past two years has been “Last Call With Scott Hall,” where you and an aging Larry Zbyszko watch old wrestling matches and provide insightful and funny alternate commentary. Please, please keep in mind that you cannot have Flip cameras in jail, and they’re too big to confiscate them where the sun doesn’t shine. Yes, drinking is fun, you make lots of new friends that way and no one ever gets hurt, but for the sake of your Internet series, cut the booze! -Eric

Good God The Bellas are leaving?

This first broke on and now has the principal players backing off but boy this sure seems like a done deal. The Bellas are leaving WWE, there it has been said and no further conjecture needed? Wait, well maybe not but then it is The Bellas. Can WWE afford to lose these 6’s?

So the story goes that they are letting their contracts run out at the end of April. WWE has made no effort to resign them nor should they. They are a dime a dozen as far as brunettes go. Also, with WWE’s no nudity policy in place why bother having the women on the roster to begin with? Outside of the incredible representation they were afforded at WrestleMania 28 name a significant WWE Diva moment and Khrama in The Royal Rumble doesn’t count.

The best part of this story is the back and forth on the accountability. They booked a manager for their upcoming appearances and he was doing his job by getting the word out. Then they don’t; like that and he offers a retraction of sorts citing he did not have “all the correct information.” This is clearly code for “you dumb mother fucker how dare you do your job and ruin the last month of our employment with WWE? Have you no sense of history? We are going to most likely get publicly embarrassed on national television for three weeks now. “  -Jeremy

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