Kevin’s Blog: A Day Late & A Dollar Short Review of #iMPACTWrestling

I’m doing this blog because I’m pissed about the Penguins booting a second consecutive game. I’m hoping they can return the favor in Philly. Sunday is huge. No excuses here. Philly played better after giving up the initial goals early in both games. You should win any game you score five goals in. Oh well, it’s sports. Once you’ve gone thru real bull shit, this doesn’t look as important. I’m still pretty pissed though. Why else would I be carping?

Fry The Delivery Guy is going to be doing us a solid. He’s going to Lockdown and he’s going to help us bring some extra content. Probably in the verbal variety but we’ve got to work out the details. Let’s roll.

This crowd is awesome. A “We Don’t Care” chant. We don’t care about this guys. Eric Bischoff introduces his team. I don’t care. Garrett Bischoff only announces Mr. Anderson who is going to take on Gunner. We got a commercial. I forgot that the best of three series gets the first in privileges. They tease Garrett’s other team members. Boy, I don’t know, maybe it’ll be the people who are feuding with Eric’s team members? Wow, what a stupid baby face. Anderson gets himself DQed. The crowd evens out chants by chanting “Anderson”. Dummies.

Eric Young is talking to himself. Joseph Park introduces himself. The camera guy gets cute and shows a shot in the mirror. For some reason Park is grilling EY about Abyss. He seemed to give up the second he asked a question to everyone else. Chris Sabin learned about the size of his heart. Alex Shelley gets to run down some facts. I like them going for the titles but it seems a little forced for this PPV. TNA’s problem is the same as WWE’s. No tag team depth. Brutus comes out and challenges them. Joe gets to act tough. Joe can’t be watching WWE these days. Mexican America comes out. That isn’t depth. I’d take the Usos any day of the week. Each of the real tag teams gets to bitch an MA member.

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Day-Old News: Kurt Angle backs out of 2012 Olympics wrestling training

Kurt, we have plenty of these in Iowa City, are you sure you don't want to come here?

According to, Kurt Angle has sustained a hamstring injury that has forced him out of his training for the 2012 Olympics. Angle also has an age – 43, to be exact – that has forced him out of training as well.

One bad thing that comes of this is that the 2012 Olympic wrestling trials are being held in Iowa City, Iowa, next week, and given that the University of Iowa is the No. 4 party school in the country, you know his drunk ass would have been found passed out in a median after chasing college-age black chicks all night at Caliente. One good thing that comes of this is that USA Today didn’t report on this story until about 8 hours ago, putting us only 8 hours behind the U.S.’s biggest newspaper.

Here’s hoping Kurt Angle doesn’t suffer a horrendous, I don’t know, uvula injury while gargling pills that keeps him out of another Iowa event, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum hall of fame inductions in July. There will be nothing better than watching “sleepy” Kurt Angle prop himself up on JBL’s understanding shoulder. -Eric

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