Great Khali sings “Happy Birthday” (kinda) to John Cena, Michael Cole slips in timely Lilian Garcia joke

Thanks to for unearthing this gem. Essentially, the clip speaks for itself at about the 26-second mark, but the majority of the WWE roster wished John Cena a happy birthday last night after WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air, with the highlight being Great Khali singing “Hahpee Bahday” to the former champ. No, the highlight was not Triple H unhilariously forcing him to do it, and no, the highlight was not a fat midget dressed up like a fat regular person. And no, the highlight wasn’t even developmental call-ups like Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro (with unlimited soup) and soon-to-be two-time flop Abraham Washington standing there with their tongues up Cena’s ass. Just a simple song from the enlarged heart of a 7-foot contorted man-monster. It’s like “Harry and the Hendersons” but bad. -Eric


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