The Art of Wrestling – Boston Commons

I have mentioned in my blog that the inspiration for John Cena’s shirt was his hometown basketball team, the Boston Celtics. The WWE did a couple of things different with Cena’s shirt. The obvious change is swapping out the leprechaun for John Cena. The WWE failed to due several things that are more subtle with the image swap though. They didn’t allow Cena to serve as the break in the lettering like the above logo. Cena attempts to accomplish this goal by saluting but it’s a half assed attempt to break up the text. You could accomplish the same thing by moving Cena up and to the left. The WWE could have added his trademark jorts to the image to form a break on the bottom part of the circle.

John Cena is not monochromatic, but compared to the leprechaun he is. We have a black hat, pants and shoes all with gold trim and some shamrocks. I know they go with a matching theme but the hat blends into the rest of the logo because it is also green. An easy trick to help out would be a simple outline in black much like Genndy Tartakovsky used in Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls.The WWE didn’t forget about black highlights because they’re used to highlight all of Cena’s physique. Showing the jorts would have also helped to serve as a color difference and would also benefit from a black outline. Use a little more black to make your product look better. On top of those problems, they have a perfectly easy canvas with the world behind Cena to infuse some color. Make the oceans blue and the land green like any map. The use of color doesn’t need to be overwhelming so you could mute those colors to ensure that Cena is still the center of attention.

I’m not even going to bother talking about the back of the shirt since it’s the standard “U (Can’t) M E”. It’s a logo they have used for a while that could use it’s own updating. I do like the continued theme for John Cena of using basic colors for new shirts. They’re easy to see in the crowd and not the standard WWE black shirt with graphic on it. After bashing the shirt, it’s one of the WWE’s better efforts recently. -Kevin

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