Stunt Granny Audio #188


Stunt Granny is on a roll this week with audio goodness, this time brought to you by Jeremy & Kevin. They rewind the whole way to last Thursday to start off the talk with Impact Wrestling. Was the opening segment good, bad or just tired? Did Hulk Hogan need to throw away the format sheet to have a good segment? Is Bully Ray the best thing going in TNA? What is wrong with AJ Styles’s tattoo? Jeremy likes Joseph Park and compares him to Superman. What could TNA do to kick Park’s law business to the next level? Kevin moves on to Ring of Honor by talking about Kevin Steen versus Davey Richards at Border Wars. Was it a good idea to put the whole match on TV? They question whether the whole match was indeed shown. Is it OK to chant “This is awesome” during any match? Was this match worthy of such a chant regardless? Jeremy & Kevin move on to the WWE. Was it good or bad that Brodus Clay got beat down? Will this assault change his character? Kevin talks about his man crush, Dolph Ziggler. Why isn’t Vickie Guerrero getting him singles matches anyway? Will she help Ziggler if he wants to move on to superstardom? The guys finish by talking about the breaking news of Randy Orton being suspended for sixty days. Will this help the younger guys along with the suspension of Chris Jericho? Can the guys resist talking about pooping in Randy Orton’s bag? Find out that and more when you click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #188

Randy Orton suspended for 60 days

Career murder was the case that they gave me…

Word going round the internet water cooler is that Orton just recently suffered his second drug test violation and is therefore suspended for 60 days. It is seriously time for WWE to cut ties with this piece of garbage. WWE is a professional company, they can’t be dealing with childish douchebags like this. They should just send him over to TNA now. Maybe they’d be able to get Bully Ray in a trade situation or something. Regardless, it’s just time for him to let bygones be bygones and go on and get the hell on. – Dusty

Stunt Granny Audio #187

Oh snap mother truckers, it’s Stunt Granny Audio #187 with mah d*ck in ya mouf, foooooo! Anyway, Dusty and Eric discuss the news of the day, including Big Show, and that’s about it for the news of the day. They also talk about the booming metropolis of St. Cloud, Minn., where Eric was that night and Dusty was a few years back; Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder and “Fat Albert” characters; Mustafa, New Jack and old ECW shows; and whatever else in the world comes to mind. Check it out!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #187

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

A tribute to the troops.

It’s been a long weekend. I got plenty done and I got some time to be lazy. Unfortunately, this review pretty much kicks off my work week. Lucky me. Let’s roll.

After getting a real tribute to the troops, we get review of John Cena versus Johnny Wooden GM. Did they tape this show? Holy opening segment Batman. Why are they making the opening fifteen minutes all recap? They’re not saying they’re live from New Orleans so I guess it is taped. I didn’t pay attention to where they were last week. The Big Show made a business decision to make people smile. I’m paying attention to my Facebook feed because I don’t care about Show’s standard heel turn reasons. We’re not supposed to dance with the Funkasaurus after he cried. The Big Show acts like John Cena could have rehired him. This story is some serious weak sauce. It is a joke because we’re in on the story. We know you weren’t fired. Brutal.

We get replay of Santino & Ricardo Rodriguez from Smackdown. “That is how you do a ring announce.” I’m glad Mitchell Cool is the best the WWE can provide for us. Alberto Del Rio is taking Santino this week. Squash match. Thank goodness. Alex Riley is sucking up to Eve Torres. Big Show gets to pick his opponent. Show doesn’t pick Riley but tosses him into the wall. Almost intimidating.

R Truth & Kofi Kingston come to the ring as my girlfriend asks “Why does everyone have a belt?” Vickie Guerrero does the intros for Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler. Oh, we are live. Why the hell was Alex Riley trending? Commercial central. “I feel like it’s not wrestling so much as acting.” comes out of the woman’s mouth. Is she secretly a smart mark? I’m sure she isn’t but it’s funny that she points out stuff like the belts and there being less wrestling these days. R Truth pins Swagger. Finally, something for these guys. Ziggler walks out. Ziggler is better than that terrible tag team. Big Show runs into Santino. Brodus Clay interrupts him. Big Show makes him his opponent tonight. That’s sink or swim time for the Funkasaurus so I’m down with it.

Johnny Wooden GM comes to the ring with David Otunga & Eve. He has proof of him being the greatest superstar ever. The cover is kind of funny. CM Punk comes down. No one knew Punk was coming down yet they have a mic waiting for him on the steps. Punk is the real cover. Nice little reveal. I like the cut off of the top of the head. They concentrate on the straight edge stance. Punk talks down to Johnny and gets away with it. Trending! It means…something.

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Happy Memorial Day!

I’m going to do some grilling before I have to review Monday Night Raw later. I’ll enjoy more than a couple of Sippy Time Beers especially with temperatures topping 90 today. Go out and do the same rather than reading our dumb site. Rejoin us around 9 PM. -Kevin

@PRIMEwrestling – Season 5 – Episode 16

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jason Gory is going to defend his TV Title against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Jason Bane will be taking on Bobby Beverly. Jimmy Jacobs is starting the show against “Omega” Aaron Draven. Pedro De Lucca introduced Jacobs as the “Zombie Princess”. Jacobs pounded away on Draven. Aaron took over Jacobs with head scissors but he came back with a clothesline. Jacobs gave Draven a running shoulder block in the corner. Jacobs put Draven in the Tree of Woe and kicked away at him. Jacobs gave Draven a neck breaker. Jacobs tossed Draven outside the ring and gave him an elbow off the ring apron. Jacobs tossed Draven into the guard rail. Jacobs pulled a spike out of his boot and used it while shielding the referee. Draven DDTed Jacobs on the ring apron thru the ropes. Draven clothes lined him. Jacobs kicked out after an enziguri. Draven missed a 450 splash. Jacobs speared him then gave him a double arm DDT for the win.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of putting over Draven since he’d been on a winning streak for just over a year. The match was good. Both of these guys can go and they delivered. I think they could put on a better match but they needed to prove Jacobs to the Prime crowd. I wouldn’t argue if they had a feud at some point. Score: +1.

Vic Travglainte was with Bryan Castle. Vic asked him where Brain Bender has been. Castle has no answer to that question. Castle said that he needed to find a hero, it is Dan Arkham. Castle said that he was impressed with Arkham’s knowledge of Batman. Castle thinks that he’s Batman. Vic tried to talk him out of it. Castle left singing the old Batman theme as Vic shook his head. Analysis: Funny segment. Castle sold his belief in Arkham despite the craziness of claim. Vic was a good foil. Score: +1.

Kirst was sitting in front of a white picket fence because it’s the symbol of the American Dream. He told Gregory Iron he never saw it because his mom would have sold it for crack. Kirst said he found his family. Kirst told Iron he needed to accept himself for who he is. Analysis: Good stuff. Plastic white picket fences suck though. Wood ones aren’t much better. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly was taking on Jason Bane as punishment from Jimmy Jacobs since Beverly didn’t deliver Matt Cross to Jacobs. Bane used his power to his advantage. Bane suplexed Beverly who rolled to the outside. Bane slammed Beverly but he pinned him weakly. Beverly gave Bane an enziguri. Beverly gave him three clothes lines. Beverly missed with a running boot. Bane ran at him but Bane got low bridged to the outside. Beverly gave Bane a senton from the apron. Bane picked up Beverly and slammed him into a corner. He gave Beverly several shoulder blocks. Bane belly to belly overhead suplexed Beverly. Bane gave him a spine buster. Beverly elbowed out of an F5. He tossed Bane chest first into the turn buckles. Beverly locked in a sleeper. Bane backed Beverly into a corner. Beverly took out Bane’s knee. Beverly chopped Bane. Bane caught Beverly trying to hop over him. Bane finished him with an F5. Bane gave Beverly a stare of respect.

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Chris Jericho is dumb. Brazil is even dumber.

According to this story on, Chris Jericho has been suspended indefinitely:

due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag

Jericho threw down the flag then kicked it out of the ring. (See the link for the video. I’d much rather stare at the flag, um yeah, the flag, above) One would think even broke ass Brazilians would realize this move was to generate heat. You’d also think that a country that wasn’t run by a dictator or Communists wouldn’t arrest you for committing this act. But according to this story, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla was almost arrested but got out of it because he apologized to the fans. How dumb is this country? I wish I could have apologized to the citizens of South Carolina to get out of a speeding ticket (um yeah, a speeding ticket) when I was coming back Wrestlemania XXIV in Orlando. Jericho had this to say about the incident:

I made a bad judgment call in the course of entertaining fans in Brazil…I apologized to the people in the crowd for showing disrespect. It was a bad move. I did it with our fans’ entertainment in mind and I’ll accept the consequences for that.

I hope they don’t keep him off of TV for too long because I was looking forward to him taking on Randy Orton. It’s a good thing Orton didn’t take a dump on the flag though or else the WWE would have had a real international incident. -Kevin

@WWE Roster Game Special

The choices weren’t always easy.

This is a very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio, folks, because in this one Eric, Kevin and Dusty join forces to play the illustrious WWE Roster Game! For those not familiar, this is the game where the Stunt Granny-ites go to the roster page on and pare the roster down, with the logic being they would be operating a weekly two hour show every week and they can fill their roster however they see fit in order to have the best company possible and make the most money possible. Because changed their roster page format, this time the guys have 18 lines of 5 wrestlers each to pick from, and they pick 2 wrestlers from each line, for a total of 36 pieces of talent. Who do they keep? Who do they kick to the curb? Which were the easiest choices? Who were the most agonizing omissions? How many e’s does Justin Roberts put in Mr Cena’s first name? For all these answers and more, you can only find out by listening, so for god’s sake do it.

Stunt Granny Audio Show WWE Roster Game 2012

Stunt Granny Audio #186

Gerald Ford preparing to listen to the audio.

Oh happy days! It’s time for another audio, once again manned by Kevin and Dusty. This time they openly disregard the merits of talking about Monday Night Raw. So what do they find worthy of discussion? Well, they talk in depth about Monday Night Raw’s ratings and how they compare to other shows throughout the week. They also talk about WWE’s bizarre fascination with Twitter and fan interaction, why it exists and how significant is it really. Why is Daniel Bryan getting pushed so hard when he seemingly fits into none of the brackets WWE typically likes their pushed wrestlers to fill? And why is he being pushed over guys like Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler? Is John Cena secretly the puppet master behind the scenes? And how many early season Saturday Night Live references can Dusty slip into the show? You’re going to have to listen to find out, and it’s only going to cost you about 40 minutes of your life, so do it now!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #186

Alex Shelley is leaving TNA

Peace out bitches.

So Alex Shelley’s time in TNA has come to an end according to via some other place. I was hoping Eric would take this one since he is more familiar with his work. All of my experiences with Shelley have come from TNA and a limited time watching him in ROH.

It never seemed like TNA utilized him correctly and the only substantial push he received was as part of the Motor City Machine Guns. Even then they pushed and then pulled them from television so often they hardly built up any sustainable momentum. Hell his only other memorable run was with Goldy Locks as her Baby Bear. Oh yeah and when he was kind of sort of teamed with Kevin Nash.

Not sure what the future holds for Shelley. The obvious choice is to head back to ROH. He would immediately be inserted prominently you would figure. He also could head over to Japan for a stint which would probably be ideal. So best of luck to Alex. -Jeremy

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