#PWOWrestling becomes @PRIMEwrestling

Oops, wrong company.

Aaron Maguire is with Justin LaBar and Vic Travgliante. Maguire said that a letter to LaBar said that he screwed “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine out of two PWO Championship matches. LaBar being put on probation. Maguire is now LaBar’s boss. LaBar made it clear that they both answer to the board. Maguire said Labar is not in charge of marketing or the corporate side. The wrestlers are running rampant. Maguire told LaBar to remake the company around Marion Fontaine. Maguire said it is now called Prime Wrestling. LaBar told Fontaine is not going to be the center piece of the show.

Analysis: It was a little too meandering for me. Just in case you haven’t read the site before, or a single review of mine, let me just say that I’m not a fan of the heel in charge tactic that is employed far too often in wrestling these days. I like Maguire so I hope he makes it work. Score: 0.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Gregory Iron will be taking on Marion Fontaine in the main event. They open with a championship match with Krimson being the challenger. (I’m going to puke during this program. They’ve used prime to describe everything.) Matt Cross is the PWO Belt. (I’m not sure if it’s Prime Wrestling Organization or not. They haven’t used the O yet.) Krimson used power early. Cross turned it around with his speed. An enziguri got a two count. Cross slammed Krimson’s head into a turn buckle then kicked him to the floor. Cross hit a suicide dive. Cross used some forearms and knees. Krimson tossed Cross into the guard rail. Cross tossed Krimson into a post. Cross dropped a flag pole elbow. Cross tossed Krimson back into the ring. Maguire & Dombrowski explain that Matthew Justice hasn’t been seen since he helped Krimson beat Jason Bane. Krimso pounded away on Cross in a corner. Krimson nailed a neck breaker. Cross leg swept Krimson on an Irish Whip reversal. (Slick.) Cross dropped an elbow but only got a two count. Krimson DDTed Cross and got two. Krimson put Cross in a neck vice. Jaw jacker by Cross. Lawn blower by Cross bought him time. Cross strung together a clothes line, back elbow and another leg sweep and a standing moonsault. Krimson accidentally clothes lined the ref in the corner. Cross bicycle kicked Krimson. We get a visual pin. Kirst came to the ring and speared Cross. Gregory Iron makes the save and chases off Kirst. The referee is still down. Jason Gorey showed up. Michael Facade chased him off. Cross connected with another bicycle kick. Cross hit the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Analysis: The lighting looks as good as I’ve seen it. No problems with the audio. There was one big problem though, the crowd was quite small. Like they forgot to advertise small. The crowd that was there was vocal. They did a good job of show casing multiple feud and trying to catch us up on as much information as possible because all story lines from Pro Wrestling Ohio seem like they are being continued. The match itself was pretty good. Not the best I’ve seen from these two but you shouldn’t want to give away all of their tricks. It could be a full fledged feud. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was joined by Daniel Arkham. Vic asked him about how he joined. Arkham met Matt Justice at a job and started training as a wrestler at 39. Vic asked what it was like to wrestle in front of friends and family. Arkham was pumped. Arkham spouts off a bunch of Batman facts. Analysis: He could use some more pep in his promos. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino came out to wrestle Corey Winters. (I just vomited with another dose of prime. Worse than the WWE’s pushing of Twitter.) They exchanged arm holds. A drop toe hold and a pair of hip tosses got control for Winters. Corey nailed a pair of atomic drops. Valentino ran around the ring then low blowed Winters with the ropes coming back into the ring. Valentino floated over after a suplex for a two count. Winters gave Valentino an enziguri. Clothes line, back elbow and neck breaker by Winters. Valentino with a drop toe hold into the turn buckles. A German suplex got two for Valentino. Winters with a cutter for two. Valentino locked in the cross chicken wing for the win.

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Tara is getting naked in Penthouse? Please be true.

It has been a long time since a wrestling Diva/Knockout has gotten naked but according to her Twitter account the wait may be over. Yes, after years of anticipation it sure seems like Tara or better known from her WWE days as Victoria, may be stripping down. This is speculation of course but she is being coy on her account .

Be sure to pick the newest edition of Penthouse to see your favorite knockout, Tara. Hubba Hubba

Considering she has stated in the past that she would gladly pose for Playboy it is possible she will disrobe. Let’s save the balloons and streamers for when the magazine actually comes out though. This reeks of being none other than a trick to get us to buy the magazine only to find it is just some stupid interview about her body shop or her abbreviated stint training for an MMA career.

Regardless, we should all be on the lookout as this could be a dream come true. Yes this comes about five years too late but once you have a dream why should you ever let it go right? Besides it is Penthouse so there is a good chance she is pissing on an ice sculpture of Poseidon and really, lets hope so.

Oh yeah, notice I didn’t say look out for the magazine because who buys fucking glossy pages of pictures when you have Google image search? -Jeremy

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