Alex Shelley is leaving TNA

Peace out bitches.

So Alex Shelley’s time in TNA has come to an end according to via some other place. I was hoping Eric would take this one since he is more familiar with his work. All of my experiences with Shelley have come from TNA and a limited time watching him in ROH.

It never seemed like TNA utilized him correctly and the only substantial push he received was as part of the Motor City Machine Guns. Even then they pushed and then pulled them from television so often they hardly built up any sustainable momentum. Hell his only other memorable run was with Goldy Locks as her Baby Bear. Oh yeah and when he was kind of sort of teamed with Kevin Nash.

Not sure what the future holds for Shelley. The obvious choice is to head back to ROH. He would immediately be inserted prominently you would figure. He also could head over to Japan for a stint which would probably be ideal. So best of luck to Alex. -Jeremy

Daniel Bryan, Snidely “A.J.” Whiplash star in WWE No Way Out commercial

Sorry, I know this isn’t really news, but I’m a sucker for this old-timey stuff. I think that’s why I love episodes of “The Simpsons” written by Conan O’Brien or John Swartzwelder, and why my band Hold For Swank included a track on our latest CD with “damsel in distress” music. Must have been all that “Rocky & Bullwinkle” I watched as a kid. Credit to OhSoDivalicious for this news. -Eric

TNA is mad at Ric Flair

Naw, I got it covered Dave. trust me. Hey is that the backdoor?

According to, Ric Flair’s time with TNA may be coming to an end.  He has built up enough heat with the company that they may let him go. I wonder where Ric could go where if TNA let him go? Well, it may not be that easy, apparently he has been a very bad boy. Over at they have more details on Ric’s exploits.

Apparently Ric has been doing the exact same things he was doing last year? Now it is a problem because, um, because he went to the WWE Hall of fame inductions and TNA got jack shit out of the deal? Ha ha bad businesswoman you got played.

I am sorry but I really think it is totally baddass and ironic that a 65 year-old man has been banned from The Hard Rock Café for essentially acting like a rock star. What happened to the world? You can’t act like a boorish fool in a place that owes its entire business  to a long established history of boorish behavior? Fuck off.– Jeremy

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