@WWE Roster Game Special

The choices weren’t always easy.

This is a very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio, folks, because in this one Eric, Kevin and Dusty join forces to play the illustrious WWE Roster Game! For those not familiar, this is the game where the Stunt Granny-ites go to the roster page on WWE.com and pare the roster down, with the logic being they would be operating a weekly two hour show every week and they can fill their roster however they see fit in order to have the best company possible and make the most money possible. Because WWE.com changed their roster page format, this time the guys have 18 lines of 5 wrestlers each to pick from, and they pick 2 wrestlers from each line, for a total of 36 pieces of talent. Who do they keep? Who do they kick to the curb? Which were the easiest choices? Who were the most agonizing omissions? How many e’s does Justin Roberts put in Mr Cena’s first name? For all these answers and more, you can only find out by listening, so for god’s sake do it.

Stunt Granny Audio Show WWE Roster Game 2012

6 Responses

  1. I hate rainbows, sunshine & people you love Johnny Ace! Get out of hear with that steaming turd talk, Dusty!

    AND Heath Slater is the 2nd best bump taker in the whole company, behind only Dolph Ziggler. I’m not saying the guy should be a main eventer, but he should be a lower ot middle card job guy for years to come. I even think he’s a pretty good talker, you just wanna see him get beaten after he grabs the mic.

    Shame on anyone who didn’t pick Kaitlyn.

  2. What was Dusty doing during the first part of that audio? I thought I heard some breathing mixed with percolation. Must be a new age humidifier.

  3. Dusty: I’m disappointed.

    However, since we agree that AJ looks (& possibly actually is) a 10 yr old boy & that Johnny Ace = rainbows & Henry Rollins LPs…. I’ll forgive you.

  4. It could of been Eric spraying the lawn but Dusty getting Eight Miles High makes for a better story.

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