Pictures of new WWE Championship belt may or may not have surfaced

Custom-made for Beth Phoenix.

By way of former WWF/WWE writer Seth Mates’ Twitter account (only because he retweeted someone named @NextBigThingSiD) is what may be a leak of the new WWE Championship belt alluded to by CM Punk at this past weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con. Punk mentioned that he’d seen the belt, and it was a) uglier than a newborn baby and b) 20 pounds heavier than the current, approximately 30-pound belt. Point B leads me to believe this isn’t the actual belt, or at least not the center plate, but Point A still holds true. This does, however, look like a championship buckle for women’s rodeo, which is about how entertaining Monday Night Raw has been in the past few weeks, so it’s apropos. And that don’t mean you’re diggin’ around with farm implements, baby! -Eric


2 Responses

  1. That is absolutely the worst belt ever.

  2. That’s really, really awful.

    To me, though, a belt is not a belt unless it’s the WWWF ‘big green belt’ or the NWA TV title.

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