@Prime Wrestling – Season 5 – Episode 17

Because of the craziness of my life recently, I’ve taken way too much time to review this episode. For that, I apologize. I want to do an audio about the re-launch but Dan and I haven’t been able to get together. Hopefully, after this review gets posted, we can do that. On with the review.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Matt Cross is defending the Prime Wrestling Title against Jimmy Jacobs. We’re also getting a tag team match pitting Daniel Arkham & Bryan Castle against Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino. Benjamin Boone is taking on Izaiah “Mr. RBI” Bonds. Kirst came out crawling on his knees. He scared kids by yelling at them when he took off his hood. Gregory Iron was his opponent. They knelt down across from each other. Iron clothes lined Kirst into the corner while the ref was checking his boots. Iron gave him a top rope cross body. Iron connected on a suicide dive.  Iron tossed him back into the ring. Iron nailed a top rope elbow but only got  a two count. Kirst used Iron’s momentum against him and whipped him in a corner hip toss style. Kirst had a rear chin lock on Iron. A head scissors take over slowed down Kirst who stopped Iron with a shoulder block and a standing double stomp. He only got a two count. Iron connected with a pair of clothes lines & a back elbow. Iron gave Kirst a running forearm in the corner. Iron gave Kirst a Destabiler. Kirst gave Iron a super kick. He then gave Iron a German suplex. Iron jaw jacked Kirst. He then no sold all of Iron’s offense. Kirst locked in a Coji clutch. Iron fought out then got put right back into it. Iron never tapped so the ref had to stop it. Kirst locked it in again after the victory. He attacked him a second time after the bell.

Analysis: Good match. They put over Kirst really well. The announcers talked about Iron needing help. I would imagine Jason Bane or Matt Mason will help him fight the Dead Wrestling Society. So Iron losing now is setting him up for winning even if it’s with a tag team partner. Score:+1.

Michael Facade told Gory that he was a coward. He said he was getting better with every match. Facade said the TV Title was a passion that he’s been fighting for for two years. Facade is going to ask for one more match. He wants to have the stipulation that the belt changes hands on a DQ but if he loses, he can’t go after the TV Title any more. Analysis: I could use a little more pep from him but it’s an improvement from the last time I saw him. Score: 0.

Sex Appeal, Nicki Valentino & Bobby Beverly came out. Jimmy Jacobs made Valentino the leader of their tag team. Dan Arkham & Bryan Castle were second. Valentino starts out against Castle. Valentino tries a go behind. Castle raised Valentino up with a wrist lock. Arkham came in with an elbow off the top rope. Beverly tagged in. Valentino kicked Arkham in the back. Beverly gave him a clothes line. Valentino & Beverly bicker a little bit. Beverly suplexes Arkham. Valentino kicked him in the ribs. Beverly is supposed to hit a held Arkham. Beverly almost punches Valentino but hold up. They bicker which allows Castle to tag in. Castle double clothes lined them. Castle gave Valentino a gut wrench suplex (Old school!) Beverly gave Castle an enziguri then a super kick. Valentino made the pin. Beverly acted pissed after the win.

Analysis: The announcers made it sound like a stolen match but it wasn’t. Valentino was the legal man in the match, so Beverly helping out should just be doing it for his team. Beverly shouldn’t be mad. It furthers the split angle but it was dumb. Match was well wrestled for the most part. Score: 0.

Gory told us that he’s holding the TV Title hostage. He said it just shows the Dead Wrestling Society’s grasp on Prime Wrestling. Gory claimed he didn’t need a DQ to keep the title. He is excited about destroying him one last time. Analysis: He just seems more put on than the other two int he group. He doesn’t have a weird cadence, he wasn’t forceful and he just doesn’t feel genuine. Score: -1.

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