Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

I’m almost playing catch up, but the show is going live. I’m way too close to the TV but it’s smaller than mine so it helps to make up the difference. Sort of. I love the glitch of starting the show too early. Wouldn’t normally catch that. That’s what you get, slick observations when I start on time. Let’s roll.

My girl appreciates that John Cena isn’t doing a Star Wars parable but that is all about this promo. I concur. Daniel Bryan interrupts. Nothing happens before CM Punk shows up. Bryan was not at his best. OK, good come back by Bryan. Chris Jericho is next on deck. Jericho’s hair does look a bit Bon Jovi these days. He’s doing a good job too. Kane comes out to kill the segment. Even the girl knows that Kane keeps losing. She knows people’s pyro too. Big Show is the next one out. They brawl. Big Show sort of looks tough but didn’t crush everyone.

David Otunga & Cody Rhodes are teaming with Young Money against Christian, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston & R Truth. Wow, this is just a way to get people on TV with no regard to any type of a story. We’re getting a commercial out of a throw away match, really? Kofi is taking the beating for the faces. Santino is the hot tag against David Otunga. AW pulls back Young Money. Rhodes leaves too. The Funkasaurus comes out to distract Otunga. Santino gets the win with the Cobra. Brodus Clay can not feel good that he has a feud with Otunga. Teddy Long is dancing when Alberto Del Rio comes into his “rightful” office. He begs for a rematch. Del Rio gets a match with the Raw anniversary wrestler.

I have to watch these Raw anniversary segments. Bad part of going live. This segment with Vince & Shane was pretty funny even when it was a rip off of the Rocky montages from various movies. Alberto Del Rio is taking on Sin Cara who gets ambushed. It’s a great way to put over Del Rio without hurting Sin Cara. Make no mistake though, Sin Cara is on the outs. AJ gets to talk to Daniel Bryan first. Damn, she is getting some camera time, yo. AJ nails a promo. She is earning the time. Paul Heyman is on Satellite, next!

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@WWE #Raw Coverage

A storm ripped through central Ohio, including the fine city of Columbus, on Friday as I was making my way to Put In Bay, Ohio in Lake Erie. I got to sit through the storm in my Saturn SC-1 on the side of the highway which was the most heart pounding thing that happened in a very fun weekend. Hail and rain rendered visibility no more than five foot in front of me. The real kicker was the 95 MPH winds which nearly blew my car into a very steep ditch in the plains of central Ohio. I tried to get a hold of Baby Momma Drama but I never got a phone call back. In my drunken haze for the remainder of the weekend, it didn’t dawn on me what had occurred. When I got back to my condo, I found my dogs and room mates sweating it out without power.

So, while some people on the site would claim they have no responsibility to do work for it without power, I’m not your guy to use that excuse. I’m also not that guy that uses his girl as an excuse. I’m taking a caravan down to her place to watch Monday Night Raw. I’m not sure how good her internet since I haven’t previously used it. I know she doesn’t have WiFi. That won’t deter me either. My column will be up in a semi-timely. At worst, I’ll post it when I come into the office tomorrow. Too bad the office has power. -Kevin

Maxine someoneorother has left NXT

What the hell is going on with women in wrestling? Angelina Love is out of TNA and mere days before that Maxine announced that she is leaving NXT. I would say WWE but let’s be honest here. She had , um, one match on actual WWE programming?

Yup, according to she finally was granted her release and made a point of saying she isn’t going to another company. In case you were wondering of course.

This is the place where I am supposed to do research and give some background on her but who the fuck cares? No really. Another cookie cutter woman is leaving WWE, ok I relented and gave her WWE, so what’s the big deal. There is nowhere for her to go other than TNA, Wash rinse repeat.

So good luck, whatever.  -Jeremy

Angelina Love is out of TNA/Impact Wrestling.

According to her Twitter account, Angelina Love is no longer part of TNA or Impact Wrestling. She hasn’t been seen in months after the terribly long, boring and nonsensical storyline of her becoming Winter’s zombie but not totally a zombie.

To all my wonderful fans, just want to let you know I have been granted my release from TNA. It was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I’ve had there over the years. Now I’m on to the next amazing chapter of my life! If you are looking to book me please contact John at Thank you so much!

This isn’t a terrible loss as it was the first time she was released by TNA due to visa issues. Love was at one point one of their most important stars. Along with Velvet Sky they formed one of TNA’s only in house star making groups. They then proceeded to tear it down and build it up and then tear it down again for no real reason. No one has come out better for it and it dried up a revenue stream for TNA. So congrats to that Dixie.

Anyway, you have to figure she is dropping the porn name and will return to Angel Williams for her independent bookings. Wait, Angel Sky isn’t that bad of a name really but this isn’t Hentai so never mind. -Jeremy

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