Maxine someoneorother has left NXT

What the hell is going on with women in wrestling? Angelina Love is out of TNA and mere days before that Maxine announced that she is leaving NXT. I would say WWE but let’s be honest here. She had , um, one match on actual WWE programming?

Yup, according to she finally was granted her release and made a point of saying she isn’t going to another company. In case you were wondering of course.

This is the place where I am supposed to do research and give some background on her but who the fuck cares? No really. Another cookie cutter woman is leaving WWE, ok I relented and gave her WWE, so what’s the big deal. There is nowhere for her to go other than TNA, Wash rinse repeat.

So good luck, whatever.  -Jeremy

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  1. That’s one ugly bitch

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