@WWE #Raw Coverage

A storm ripped through central Ohio, including the fine city of Columbus, on Friday as I was making my way to Put In Bay, Ohio in Lake Erie. I got to sit through the storm in my Saturn SC-1 on the side of the highway which was the most heart pounding thing that happened in a very fun weekend. Hail and rain rendered visibility no more than five foot in front of me. The real kicker was the 95 MPH winds which nearly blew my car into a very steep ditch in the plains of central Ohio. I tried to get a hold of Baby Momma Drama but I never got a phone call back. In my drunken haze for the remainder of the weekend, it didn’t dawn on me what had occurred. When I got back to my condo, I found my dogs and room mates sweating it out without power.

So, while some people on the site would claim they have no responsibility to do work for it without power, I’m not your guy to use that excuse. I’m also not that guy that uses his girl as an excuse. I’m taking a caravan down to her place to watch Monday Night Raw. I’m not sure how good her internet since I haven’t previously used it. I know she doesn’t have WiFi. That won’t deter me either. My column will be up in a semi-timely. At worst, I’ll post it when I come into the office tomorrow. Too bad the office has power. -Kevin


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