Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live & Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

My boy Andrew McCutchen kept me from starting Raw on time. He didn’t do so well in the Home Run Derby. That’s OK as long as he keeps hitting the way he is right now when it counts. No peanut gallery today. Back to me and my lap top. Let’s roll.

AJ gets the opening rewind segment and gets to open the mic work. She doesn’t do much except intro CM Punk. Damn, is she doing a convincing crazy. And she’s carrying the mic load with Punk in the ring. AJ proposes. Punk has an outstanding reaction. Daniel Bryan comes running out to answer for Punk. Bryan tries to get Punk to accept her proposal to turn the tables. Goat Boy proposes to AJ. Punk points out the obvious that Bryan doesn’t have a ring. Can we please just make Mitchell Cool the Raw GM and get him out of the booth? The WWE could help everyone out by doing that. Eve Torres, the flavor of last month, gets to team with Bryan. Are we to believe it’s the same mystery GM? Since they didn’t have a reveal last time, are they expecting us to want a resolution to the whole fiasco? Because I could give a fuck less. AJ gets to close the segment by teasing a future husband.

Sheamus is taking on Jack Swagger. It’s a squash match. There is no reason to believe Alberto Del Rio can win on Sunday. Have him attack Sheamus from now until Sunday and I still won’t buy Del Rio winning the title. Del Rio cuts another average promo to keep us wondering why the WWE has faith in this guy. Santino Marella is talking to Zack Ryder. Great, the GM is in the building and Santino is going to find him or her. I can’t wait for the dumb skits to continue. (If you can’t read the sarcasm in the last two sentences, you’re a dunce.)

Since they have so many replays to play, none of the participants in this tag match get an introduction. So we know they’re all important. Dolph Ziggler & Tensai are taking on Christian & Tyson Kidd. Tensai gets a much needed win over Christian. What’s the purpose of the match? Tensai power bombs Kidd on the apron. I guess we’re in rebuild Tensai mode now? We’re to believe they’re going to choose a GM at the 1000th Raw. Cool refuses to read the email so Jerry Lawler does the honors. So instead of sinking time into the guys in the PPV, we get a Lawler vs Cool rematch.

I almost catch up by FF thru the Funkasaurus‘s entrance. Drew McIntyre gets squashed. What is the total match time so far? Under two minutes? Cool selling us on wanting to see the crap instead of wrestling. Santino gets to be unfunny with Chris Jericho. Big Show salvages the segment.

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More PRIME Wrestling Defections To The WWE?

There are a number of noticeable indy wrestlers that have signed with the WWE, but I will leave those posts to someone else. According to (we do source our info from other sites, sometimes) Johnny Gargano from Pro Wrestling Ohio/PRIME Wrestling  along with Dragon Gate USA & Evolve has signed with the WWE and will be heading to FCW in the near future. Good for him. Gargano was one of the better wrestlers when the promotion started about five years ago. He has worked hard on his promo to make them go from childish to a man cutting a promo which has been his biggest development.

If you read the link, there’s some other news that pertains just to PRIME Wrestling, while I knew some of the information because of my sources inside of the organization, some of the information was never passed along. It is a bit shocking to find out the owner of the company, Walt Klasinski, got convicted of sexual assault related charges. The legal trouble led to Joe Dombrowski purchasing the company and re-branding it. Klasinski’s actions don’t change my thoughts on the promotion because he was never booking for it to my knowledge and none of the wrestlers were convicted either. I think it’s a fine, paint by the numbers booking style that helps get the wrestlers over.

To get back to Gargano, one of the better parts of the transition from Pro Wrestling Ohio to PRIME Wrestling was the carry over of the story lines. Gargano came back on an episode I haven’t watched yet but he is set to take on Jimmy Jacobs for the PRIME Wrestling Title at Wrestlelution 5. His possible move to the WWE would put a giant crimp in their big event.

Like any good indy promotion, PWO/PRIME talent has been ransacked just as they start to move to the next level. Zema Ion (Shiima Xion) is now the X Division Champion in TNA. He was recently joined by Flip Cassanova (aka Flip Kendrick) in the X Division Title hunt taking each other on at Destination X this past Sunday. The WWE signed “Big Rig” Brodie Lee in March not long after he worked with Kevin Nash at Wrestlelution 4. The WWE also signed Derek Bateman in PWO’s infancy when he went by the name Michael Hutter. Gargano will have some familar faces around him, but only time will tell if he can become the Whole She Bang and the Cat’s Meow in the WWE. -Kevin

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