@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 19

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jimmy Jacobs will be defending the PRIME Wrestling Title against Louis Lynden. Mr. RBI is taking on Jason Bane. Sex Appeal, Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields, are taking on Corey Winters & Ben Fruith to kick off the show. Corey Winters starts out against Bobby Shields. Sex Appeal took control early. Beverly was acting weird because he kept getting orders from Shields. Winters backed Beverly into his corner and tagged in Fruith. They double team Beverly with a flying knee. Sex Appeal took back over with Shields shouting more orders to Beverly. Fruith flipped out of a back suplex and tagged in Winters. Beverly was on the receiving end of a Cutter. Shields blind tagged in. Shields gave Fruith a Body Bomb for the victory. Shields ordered Beverly out of the ring to grab scissors. They cut off the bangs for Fruith. Winters chased them out of the ring with a chair.

Analysis: They told a solid story with Sex Appeal. Fruith looks like he’s put on a few pounds which isn’t a bad thing. The wrestling was fine but I always find it odd when tags are made as frequently as they were in this match. It doesn’t give anyone much rest time on the apron which is the purpose of tagging out. Score: +1.

They showed a replay of Michael “The Bomber” Facade winning the TV Title last week. He then gets a crack at the mic. Facade talks about taking a long time to accomplish his goals in PRIME Wrestling. He said he’ll be a people’s champion. Facade wants to stand up for everyone being bullied on the roster. Louis Lynden said that he’ll be entering his prime when he takes on Jimmy Jacobs. Analysis: Facade’s promo was average. Lynden was the main talker when Flip Kendrick was around. He seemed a little lost. Score: 0.

Bryan Castle introduces Dan Arkham, who is wearing a Batman shirt. Castle calls him “BatDan” and gives Arkham his lucky head band to make him more brave. Castle wants a ride in the Batmobile. Then asks to wear the utility belt. Brian Bender comes in and tells Castle to listen and Arkham to hold the mic between them. Bender is offended that Castle chose Arkham as a hero. Arkham looks sort of offended. Bender tells Castle he’s wasted his time because Castle sucks as a student. Bender ends by saying he may have to beat the lessons into him one day. Analysis: Castle was pretty funny. Arkham played his part well especially when acting offended. It was more of a look of “How could he say this to my face” than actual offense. Bender was awesome since his instructions have been ignored. Score: +1.

Mr. RBI Isaiah Bonds accepted Jason Bane‘s open challenge. Bane gave Bonds a belly to belly suplex. Bane then suplexed him and went for a pin but only got one. Bonds drop kicked Bane in the leg. Bonds worked on it a bit more. Bonds hit a standing moonsault. (Impressive for a guy his size.) Bonds threw Bane into the ropes but Bane turned it into a running back elbow. Bane started pounding away on Bonds. Bane dodges a corner splash. Bane knee dropped him. Bonds went for the “Home Run Chop” but Bane no sold it. Bane gave him a spine buster. Bane finished Bonds with a Baneline. Bane gets a mic and repeats his open challenge for Wrestlelution. Justin Labar comes out and tells him that Rhino has accepted his challenge. Bane was excited.

Analysis: The match was good. Bonds got in just enough offense to not look like a jobber but Bane ran over him enough to look dominant. It’s good they announced his opponent this early as hopefully Rhino will get some TV time to hype Wrestlelution even if it recorded elsewhere. Score: +1.

Krimson talked about life being a long suicide. He told Matt Mason that he sacrificed everything in his life like friends, family and his wife. Krimson said when his former self realized his sacrifices were all for naught, he pulled the trigger and Krimson arose from the ashes. Krimson is glad that Mason realizes how dire the situation is. Krimson wants Mason to pull the trigger just like he did so that he can save himself. Analysis: Another great promo from this guy. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski interviewed Gregory Iron. He talked about the new tag team Iron was in with Zach Gowen. Iron said that Gowen was in town but was saying hi to friends. Dombrowski talked about Gowen’s history with cancer. Iron admitted that he wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for Gowen being in the WWE. Iron said it means the world to him that Gowen will help him take on Dead Wrestling Society because he knows it’s not a one man job to take them down. Iron wants to take out the DEad Wrestling Society and to come out of the match Tag Team Champions with his hero. Analysis: It was a little weird to mention Gowen being in town but not their for the interview. I believe they said in the broadcast that Vic Travagliante was to interview Iron so covering for that made sense. The interview was low key and set in what looked like a house. The story made sense but it seemed like they were going through the motions. Score: 0.

Jimmy Jacobs came out before they went to commercial. Louis Lynden came out for the non-title match. Jacobs says that he’s turning the match into a title match. Jacobs said he’s here to destroy Gargano and his wrestling organization. Jacobs took conrol early. Lynden took him over with an arm drag and held on to the arm bar. Jacobs tried to head scissor Lynden who flipped out of it and nailed a drop kick. Lyden took over Jacobs with his own head scissors. Lynden looked in a modified Octopus. Jacobs got tossed to the outside. Lynden gave him a swinging drop kick. Jacobs side stepped a sling shot cross body to the outside. Jacobs used the guard rail to weaken Lynden. Jacobs tossed Lynden back into the ring and locked in a body scissors. Jacobs got cocky. Lynden nailed a flying forearm. Lynden pump kicked Jacobs. The Zombie Princess rolled to the outside. Lynden caught him with a moonsault from the apron. Lynden kneed Jacobs in the face back in the ring. Jacobs speared Lynden. Jacobs grabbed his belt. Lynden countered into a roll up that only got two. The referee got knocked down. Jacobs nailed Lynden with the belt. Jacobs DDTed Lynden for the win. Jacobs beat up Lynden after the bell when Johnny Gargano made the save.

Analysis: Good match and good story. I like Lynden’s style so I’m still a bit surprised Flip Kendrick got a nod to the big times first. Lynden is less prone to mistakes and keeps it on the ground a bit more. He’s taller and has more muscle. Oh well. Jacobs held up his end of the bargain and told a good story by putting the belt up for grabs only to cheat to win. Good heel move. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/7. Final Analysis: They’re building things up right as usual. Part of it was for the next show, the other part for Wrestlelution. Krimson continues to be a highlight of the promotion. Gargano coming back is nice but the story I posted earlier this week may undermine whatever is happening with this angle with Jacobs. Dan & I talked about it on this audio, but I don’t think Rhino & Jacobs are the draw that they’ve had in the past for Wrestlelution especially a huge name like Kevin Nash from last year. Rhino vs Bane should make for a good match up though. -Kevin

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