Viacom, DirecTV reach agreement, I can watch @REALBully5150 again!

According to Advertising Age magazine, Viacom and DirecTV have ended their 10-day-long standoff, with all 26 Viacom stations returning shortly. The dispute was essentially over increased programming fees Viacom felt they deserved – which of course would have been passed onto me, the idiot customer who just “locked in” his rates thanks to the girl at the kiosk at Menard’s – as well as Viacom wanting DirecTV to include the new EPIX channel to its offerings, EPIX being a “hybrid premium/on-demand channel” that will cost DirecTV about “a billion dollars” in fees to air, according to some other article I can’t find but trust me it’s true and I’ll show you my September bill to prove it. (What are the chances that TNA will rehire Elix Skipper, rename him EPIX Skipper, and give him the world title in a total kiss-ass move?)

Anyway, screw EPIX, I can go back to watching TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, and just in time, since everything about the show except the announcing, the crack whore (which one??) and Abyss’ continued employment is firing on all cylinders. T-N-A! T-N-A! -Eric

Kevin’s Twitter Compilation of @ImpactWrestling

Tweet: Oh, the picture of Hogan in the hospital is priceless for comedy. Pay Back Time doesn’t sound like you’re mad enough.

Tweet: I liked Storm’s promo but he hit 4 topics: Aries, Roode, Aces & Eights & Kurt Angle. That’s a bit much.

Tweet: How neither Taz nor Tenay guessed it was Aces & Eights. Ah nevermind. They’re terrible announcers. After The Show: The announcers sat there and wondered why Kurt Angle wasn’t showing up. I hate announcers playing the super dumb card.

Tweet: Remember when Pope had lots of untapped talent in WWE? Yeah, it’s getting foggy for me too. After The Show: I remember when he had lots of talent in TNA too. Then he got caught in the endless Devon’s children feud after a botched feud with Samoa Joe, his opponent last night. Some people have no luck. He’s one of them.

Tweet: TNA wants you to check Twitter so that you can see that their roster got even more bloated with Chavo Guerrero.

Tweet: It was a fluke Jason Hervey! Aren’t you glad you’re producing Z grade shows with Eric Bischoff?

Tweet: At least TNA has had the good sense to keep Robbie T out of the ring. They need to kill this lame gimmick though. After The Show: I think the guido gimmick could still work but neither TNA nor the WWE have gotten behind the guy and allowed a consistent theme to be established. Robbie E just happens to be more lame than Zack Ryder who has his own take on the gimmick that feels much more personal.

Tweet: Jeff Hardy is a moron. After The Show: He was a moron because he got counted out attacking Robbie T. You’ve beat worse odds plus, do you lose your hearing when you attack someone? Shouldn’t you be able to hear the ref especially when you’re no more than ten feet from him?

Tweet: EY mention the name of the program you’re hosting you dumb ass! After The Show: Come on, I even mentioned it in this dumb column. You need people to watch your show to get it renewed. Why mention a new program without a channel or show name. Maybe the dumbest thing in wrestling for this week.

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JBL keeps killing it in social media: first @JCLayfield, now a hall of fame recap on YouTube channel

What a great cap to a fun hall of fame weekend: John Bradshaw Layfield took to his YouTube channel yesterday to discuss his award, appearance and great time at the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa. A number of his jokes come straight from his Lou Thesz Award acceptance speech, but they’re classic nonetheless. JBL is clearly a student of the game, calling Waterloo “the NWA hometown,” and he’s assuredly a fan of the sport, as he rattles off fact after fact about the legends and his peers. JBL says he felt like “a big fat kid at a chocolate factory” all weekend, and his emotion is clear here. -Eric

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