Stunt Granny Poll: Should CM Punk’s WWE Title reign last one year?

Much is being made — on air and on the Internet — about CM Punk’s long WWE Title reign, which currently stands at 244 days; combined with his previous WWE Title reign in July 2011, this puts Punk in the top 20 of all WWE Title stints. But the more Michael Cole mentions this championship stand, the more we wonder, “Does this mean he’s losing it soon? Does this mean he’s holding it for a while?” Fair question, especially since Punk is defending his belt at Raw 1000 against John “That Don’t Work For Me, Brother” Cena. So, should Punk’s reign last at least one year? Vote, then leave a comment!

Kurt Angle’s hall of fame acceptance speech reaches YouTube, not a dry eye in my house

Truth be told – shock of shockers – we don’t say a lot of nice things about Kurt Angle here at Stunt Granny. Of course, our MO here is to poke fun and the poke funnable, and we’re too big of assholes to stop doing that any time soon. As I like to say, we’re all adults, and we’re all making adult decisions, it’s just that some of us are superheroes doing so in the public eye. So if you want to drink moonshine all night and speed back to your Virginia Motel 6, have a ball. And if you want to no-show a hall of fame induction, so be it. Hey, we weren’t the only ones making light of the situation (I’m looking at you, Arda Ocal and Jerry Brisco).

However, Angle’s pre-taped acceptance speech has hit YouTube, and you know what? It’s pretty nice! Angle tells a short story about both Dan Gable (the museum’s namesake) and Lou Thesz (after whom the hall of fame was named), and you can tell he’s very appreciative of his award. And very tired. Man, take another nap in a median, will ya? Shopping for bridal gowns and flower girl baskets shouldn’t wear you out that much! -Eric

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