Stunt Granny Interview Series: Cody Saveraid, Ryan Kidd discuss Team Ambition Iowa journey

Eric has been following the drama across the Iowa independent wrestling scene with Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and Kyle O’Reilly, collectively known as Team Ambition. Eric spoke with Cody Saveraid, co-owner of 3XWrestling where the threesome wrestled Friday, and Ryan Kidd, the 16-year-old who was choked out by Kozina on Saturday. Lots of first-hand details to be heard, so just click below to listen!

Stunt Granny Interview Series- Team Ambition in Iowa Cody Saveraid and Ryan Kidd

Ring of Honor has reached its… Boiling Point! Ugh.

Looks like a fucking narcolepsy convention.

Just received another e-mail from Ring of Honor, this one promoting this Saturday’s iPPV event, Boiling Point! And what was my eye drawn to as soon as I opened the e-mail? A picture of T-shirted Kevin Steen, belt cliche-illy around neck, looking like someone pulled him away his 8-pack of hot dogs on the stove reaching their BOILING POINT to take this fucking picture. And it looks like he’s taking on a bum I walked over to get to work today. Oh, that’s Chikara Grand Champion, Eddie Kingston, complete with wife beater, stubble, multi-finger point and dreamy bedroom eyes. It looks like we caught him right in the middle of a burp, too. The XPW Champion never looked better.

Also on the card is a guy named “Die Hard” who looks more like a 14-year-old high diver from the UK Olympics team, taking on a guy who, despite reaching his BOILING POINT, has the world’s biggest, toothiest grin on his face. I guess I would too if I were paired up with Maria, the only person on that poster who looks like a star. Smilin’ Joe & Maria take on Faux Hawk & this smug broad Sara Del Ray in a match that has inspired me to sit really hard on my wallet next weekend.

Oh well, I guess they could have put the “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs on the card. Man, of all the things people claim are killing the business these days… -Eric

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