Sid Vicious appears on CBS’ “Big Brother”

This one’s for you, Dusty: According to, former WWF and WCW superstar Sid Vicious (Sid Justice, Sycho Sid, a/k/a Sid Eudy) (side note: I remember picking up my one and only copy of the National Enquirer when I was about 10 years old, because it listed two dozen wrestlers’ real names, and Sid Eudy was one of them; still no idea how to pronounce it, and I’ve watched the above video 12 times) appeared on CBS’ “Big Brother” series. Sid’s son, Frank, is one of the house guests and the leader of whatever Team Frank is. Oh well, based on these three minutes, Frank seems like a good kid, and Sid comes across as a nice guy that Dusty and I should probably go have beers with now. I’ll just shave my beard so I don’t look so much like an Anderson-Eric

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  1. Well Uncle Bruce says it “You-dee” but then again his pronunciation of Umaga is the stuff of legend.

  2. I used to work out in a gym in West Memphis, AR (Sid’s hometown) that I think Sid was part owner of. One day I’m in there, with like three other people in the whole place, and they had it on the Top 40 radio station. Sid walks in right in the middle of “Circle of Life” by (I think) Elton John. You should have seen the look he gave the ceiling. About fifteen seconds later… Master of Puppets. He yells at me, “Better, big man?” “Yeah bro, much better.” He could’ve played Yanni, and gotten the same response from me… what was I gonna say? But it was better.

  3. OH! I almost forgot my other Sid story. This is ten years before the gym story. I’m dealing blackjack at the Horseshoe Casino, Tunica, Mississippi. I come back from break, and there’s Sid and Downtown Bruno. Sid is taking up three spots. He’s not playing three spots… his width is taking up three spots (Bruno is taking up a tenth of a spot, maybe). He gets down to his last $10, and throws it to me, which people never do. “Here ya go, bro. Have a good one.” I thought he’d never be done getting up out of his chair… he kept getting taller and taller. I was 22, maybe. “Thanks bro, you too.” He and Bruno leave. Meanwhile, the other player on the table, who weighs as much as one of my legs, is cursing me like a dog. Always seems to work that way…

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