Kurt Angle loves Twitter, hates CM Punk, loves TNA, blows smoke up WWE’s ass

We touched on this during the last Stunt Granny Audio, but it’s worth mentioning again: According to Prowrestling.net, Kurt Angle has aired yet another grievance on Twitter, and yet again redacted it. At least this time he didn’t pass off his original Tweet as someone “hacking” his account.

This stems from CM Punk’s comments at the Wizard World nerd convention this past weekend, where a fan asked Punk who from the indies he’d like to wrestle. His answer was Samoa Joe, a TNA superstar. Punk’s response: “You said indy, didn’t you?” Sick burn! Angle, who would gobble TNA’s shaft if it had one, leapt onto Twitter with this:

Punk wants to say TNA is an indy league? I was on top in WWE when you were trying to get a job anywhere. It was my choice to go to TNA. If I ever see you, Punk, hide, bitch.

Yeah, bitch! Remember when I was on top of WWE? Man, those days were great.

Since then, Angle has calmed down and returned to his computer to Tweet:

I apologize to TNA and WWE fans for my comment. I don’t expect Punk to apologize to TNA, but I’m sorry. Respect 4 The Biz. I didn’t apologize to Punk. Only the WWE (and) TNA fans. Punk disrespected TNA. He Has a lot to learn about fame and responsibility.

I’m sure WWE fans who have a vague recollection of him backstage in a child’s cowboy hat appreciate the apology. But frankly, Punk has already learned everything there is to know about fame: Be a dick, let us know you’ve earned that right, spout off and suffer no consequences. Check, check, check aaaand… check. Unless Angle gets ahold of you. Bitch. -Eric

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