Hulk Hogan helps lung transplant patient enjoy multiple days of his Hulkamania-blessed life

Just teasing, Hulk Hogan loves his fans.

(Update, 8/31: Wow, somehow this post has leapt in “popularity” in the past 12 hours. I invite everyone to read the comments that have already been posted before you recommend I commit suicide in front of a video camera. I don’t need to be told twice! Also, I understand Hogan actually met with the Hafeleins, which surprises me given Hogan’s busy schedule of telling everyone he was Lars Ulrich’s first choice as Metallica’s bassist. Congratulations to the Hafeleins, and kudos for your courage.)

According to, Hulk Hogan is helping pro wrestling fan Jason Hafelein of Midland, Michigan, cross one particular item off his bucket list: to meet the Hulkster in person. Hafelein recently underwent a double lung transplant, which his body is rejecting, and since he can’t fly due to the air pressure, he, his wife, and his respiratory therapist plan to drive from Michigan to meet Hogan. Please watch the video of his story here:

(Edited for content.)

11 Responses

  1. who the fuck are you… brother?! Do you even know the whole story, I doubt you took the time to read it or watch the videos. Do you know Hafelein?… No. YOU are just some no name shit bag wannabe writer for some no name shit bag website no one has even heard of. I do know the guy, there were other planned stops along the way to florida. IF you had taken the time to look into the story before firing off some half assed blog bull shit you would know that. Do us all a favor, buy a gun and blow that fucking yap of yours off that fat fucking head, preferably on video, because that is the only way you’ll ever see your 15 minutes of fame. Prick. Out of all the sperm, YOU are the one that made it? Your Momma should have swallowed that load buddy. I’d like to see you come on up to “shit house nowhere” and talk that crap. I’ll bust a chair over your fucking skull.

  2. I think that Eric Nelson needs to keep his remarks to himself sounds ignorant you should only open your mouth when you know the whole story. Why would someone want to burst on someone idol especially in the conditions to get there, do your homework before you open your mouth.

  3. honestly, this is mean and cruel…..anyone who can write this is sick in the head, this is rediculous….to make stabs at a dying man and then at his wife? and then to write this for others to see? unbelievable and very sad!

  4. Amen, brother.

  5. How Sad that you are unable to know the truly great blessing this trip was… sad your bagging out the Hulk for absolutly no good reason…how sad that you couldnt have used your media powers to showcase the amazing Bucket List trip this wonderful couple got to experience! How sad are you that you saw no good in this…..Sick! Too bad!

  6. You call yourself a journalist ? What the hell is wrong with you ? A man is losing his life and you try and be a comedian ? I guess if you don’t have an ounce of talent this is the best you can come up with and it’s the internet so you really never have to face people , but I’m sure an asshole like yourself never has to worry about that in the first place, because I doubt that anyone likes you enough to give a shit about you one way or the other. If you have earned a college degree , you may want to get your money back because it would seem you graduated from Al’s house of writing , and oil changes . What in the hell would make you think that anyone would laugh at you taking shots at a dying man and his wife ? It just goes to show , that you don’t need talent to write a blog. I hope you don’t get paid for this garbage.

  7. First of all I would like to thank Hulk Hogan for taking the time to see my brother in-law Jason. It really meant a lot to him and my sister. As for Mr. Nelsons comments, the constitution of the United States that I swore to defend back in the Marine Corps protects his right to free speech. I do, However, think that he owes My sister, brother in-law, and Mr. Hogan an apology. I am very tierd of the in-humanity we as people have towards eachother.

    • Now this is the kind of comment I like. Frankly, the whole post was a jab at Hulk Hogan, who – and it pains me to say this as a lifelong wrestling fan who grew up watching Hogan – has fallen from grace in the public eye and who blatantly lies to the mainstream media about his wrestling and entertainment “feats” (today, in Hogan’s words, Andre the Giant was 800 pounds at the time of their famous match, and Andre died weeks later, neither of which is even remotely factual) to maintain some level of notoriety.

      Do I know Hulk Hogan personally? Not at all. Might he genuinely care about his fans? It’s possible, but he’s certainly not above lying to them or everyone else within ear shot. He’s a public figure open to satire, parody and opinion, just as much as anyone else.

      Essentially, the post was written as a parody of the point of view of a low-and-mighty public figure based on the information available. I credit Mr. Hafelein and his wife for having the courage to make their dreams come true, especially in this trying time. They’re stronger than most. If apologizing to the Hafeleins for insulting Hulk Hogan is important to everyone, then I do apologize. (Now, don’t go insulting Huey Lewis, since he’s my hero.) Hulk Hogan will still cash his million-dollar checks whether I apologize to him or not, and amazingly I’m sure he’s heard worse.

      Regular readers of this site see posts like this all the time and take them for what they are: an opinionated look at the pro wrestling news of the day through eyes that have seen hundreds of wrestlers over dozens of years go from televised heroes to absolute shams. For an example of our influence, visit the celebrity gossip site What Would Tyler Durden Do at The writers there call out “newsworthy” celebrities for their misgivings every day. Stunt Granny is the pro wrestling version of that, and while some of our posts may be kneejerk or gut reactions, when we see things like a physically distraught man driving thousands of miles to meet a celebrity who could have instead traveled in their direction at the snap of a finger, it blows our mind. To know, though, that your brother made it, had his wish come true, and had a great experience along the way makes me want to tip my hat to the Hafeleins. Again, an apology to your family, and thank you for the civil conversation. -E

  8. I am very sorry, I forgot to thank everyone that helped make my brother in-laws trip possible. From the pictures i could tell he had a wonderful time. Thank You All and God Bless!

  9. This was a positive experience for Jason and Bridget at a time in their young lives when everything else seems to have been turned upside down. I just hate to see any negativity enter the story. Point is: Jason wanted to meet the Hulk, he did, and he was happy! Now, we are all happy b/c we got to see our friend smile. All I wish is to see him smile many more times, regardless of who or what it is that makes him smile. We love you Jason! You are a strong, wonderful person and I am blessed to have you in my life.

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