Tyler Reks is gone from WWE

Interweb Marketing Bro

Tyler Reks asked for and was granted his release from WWE Wednesday. Yup…….um……so…..

You may remember Tyler for his incredible beard and long dreadlocks. If you blinked you may have missed the recent pairing of Curt Hawkins and Reks. If you closed your eyes you would have missed them strip on Smackdown. Other than that what else is there to say?

Reks, via his Twitter, said he asked for his release due to something called family commitments. He didn’t like the fact he would be missing any moments with his newborn daughter.  It’s the same typical garbage parents use to justify being a quitter. Aww, Dad has to leave the house for a while and make money to support you and mommy.  I could be sitting at home changing diapers and getting bitched at cause mom is too fat still from her pregnancy weight to help with chores or as I like to call it, women work.

So don’t look for Tyler Reks in TNA anytime soon since he also owns a an Internet Marketing Company which is kind of strange because it means he has a backup plan and in wrestling that is near unheard of. -Jeremy


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