Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

Sometimes, people have the habit of embellishing the truth. Some people though, take it to another level and pretty much lie or make something up to sound cool. When it’s someone close to you, it has a bad habit of tainting what you think of them. You wonder even when they’re right if they’re wrong. It makes life interesting. I hope you all had a fun weekend. Even with that craziness involved in the weekend, it was a good time. It’s nice just to relax because the rest of September is going to have lots of running around involved. Time to talk wrestling. Let’s roll.

After FF thru the review of the Jerry Lawler, we get a cold opening from Mitchell Cool. The Lawler/Punk storyline is continuing. Fabulous. Sheamus comes out first. Glad he gave us the Chicago heads up because the pop for CM Punk makes sense. He soaks up the chants. Why can’t they relate to Sheamus? They do have a giant St. Patrick’s Day party. Green River and all. Sheamus is putting together a solid promo without any tales rebutting Punk’s argument. AJ Lee interrupts after some arse talking. Alberto gets to face John Cena. Punk gets to fight Sheamus. I would have to imagine that the later will end with some shenanigans. Cena will win his match up.

Vickie Guerrero introduces my boy Dolph Ziggler who is in a rematch from “Friday” with Randy Orton. Why is this match happening again? Won’t Dolph have the title soon with Orton being a prime challenger? Mitchell calling the match by himself is awkward at best. Dolph is selling like a champ as the commercial hits. My girl is suggesting that we dress up as Dolph Ziggler & Vickie for Halloween. I can’t tell you the delight she’s getting out of this idea. Orton is loving the super-plex these days. She’s even promising to put the fly in the trunks. I’m starting to get worried. I just learned that Vickie always has some of her lip stick on her front two teeth. Chicago is going bonkers for the RKO. They get it taken away from them by Ziggler who holds the tights for the victory. Why is the Miz coming out? Isn’t it a big deal that Dolph just beat Orton even by cheating? Monday Night Miz. Um, again, why don’t do this at the top of the next segment?

I almost FF thru the new anger management segment since it said last week. There are so many replays, I figured it was one. Naturally, the wrestlers need to share their thoughts first. Kane can light pyro in the garbage can too. We do get our dose of replays right after the segment.  I’m digging Rey’s shirt.

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Happy Labor Day!

I won’t be taking Monday Night Raw off but I am going to enjoy the rest of my day until my usual 9 PM start time.

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