Stunt Granny Audio 199.5

Stunt Granny hit the ground with a loud thud this week. We came to bring you the best available wrestling news but it devolves quickly into talking about a strange Asian man dancing like we will at Eric’s wedding, a cat singing Game of Thrones and one of Kevin’s ridiculous friends’ stories coming out of the US Men’s Soccer match against Jamaica. They start talking about TNA right when Eric joins the fray and start talking about a special kind of breathing. We do get around to some News That You Can Use like, did TNA really have a pay per view this past weekend? They figure out the answer was yes and talk about their odd booking policies. Does James Storm versus Bobby Roode have the same ring without the TNA Title on the line? Why did Jeff Hardy go over? Eric & Jeremy move on to Doug Stanhope’s new stand up act. They try to convince Kevin to go to his show on Friday in Columbus while he silently listens to them babbling. The trio eventually gets to the big news of the week, Jerry Lawler’s heart attack. They ponder whether it is OK to think this might have been a work? What tells gave it away that it wasn’t? After hearing about all of that craziness, don’t you want to click on the link below? Yes you do because that’s why you come to the site.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #199 and a half

Jerry Lawler’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Carter Tweets positive brain damage update

This is why Jim Ross says Jerry Lawler is a young soul.

Breaking news, from Stacy Carter’s Twitter account:

For those who need a reminder, Stacy Carter played the roles of The Kat and Miss Kitty on WWF television from 1999 to 2001, while she was Jerry Lawler’s hot young girlfriend. Now she’s his hot, only slightly older friend, and she’s our excuse to post her pictures for you alongside positive updates on Lawler’s health. It’s a win-win-win-win! -Eric

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